Media focus on Sebelius isn’t all about politics

Amid all the political stories swirling in the national media, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius pops up in the New York Post’s Page Six, where her photo is featured along with those of Pamela Anderson and Beyonce.

Here’s what Page Six has to say about Sebelius and her clothes:

“KANSAS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who’s said to be President Obama‘s top pick for health and human services secretary, is the most jok ed-about customer at Dillard’s, the top upscale department store in the state’s capital city, To peka. “She comes in here all the time,” says our spy at the store. “She buys a dress, wears it once, returns it. She buys a pair of shoes, wears them once, returns them. The joke around the store is that she must have one of those price-tag guns at home to retag the merchandise after she wears it.” With that kind of thriftiness, maybe Obama should just tap her as his budget director. Se belius’ spokeswoman, Beth Martino, told Page Six: “That allegation is absolutely false.””