Daily Archives: Feb. 9, 2009

County commissioners headed for Topeka

Sedgwick County commissioners will be in Topeka on Tuesday for the Kansas Association of Counties’ County Day. That means their usual Tuesday-morning meeting with county staff department heads will not take place.

Commissioners instead will meet with legislative and county leaders from the south central region as well as the chairs of various committees. No doubt the big topic of conversation will be the state’s budget and the impacts of spending cuts on county government.

They also will meet with the executive director of the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas, Inc.

Instead of car-pooling to Topeka, board members are driving separately. Some are attending meetings in Wichita that require them to leave later than others; others have personal stops they’d like to make while in the state capital.

Commissioners won’t have their regular meeting Wednesday. Instead, they will talk about the budget and other issues at their annual retreat, which starts at 9 a.m. at the county’s new fire station at 7750 N. Wild West Drive in Park City.

Brewer to speak on race issues at Eisenhower Forum

BrewerWichita’s first elected African-American mayor, Carl Brewer, will spend Abraham Lincoln‘s birthday in Abilene, where he’ll discuss race issues at the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum.

The Feb. 12 discussion will also feature Fred Bailey, president of the NAACP’s Salina branch, and Trent Davis, the former Salina branch NAACP president who is now secretary of the organization.

Want to know more? Check out the press release.

What they’re saying about Sebelius

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is getting all kinds of mentions — not all flattering — as a possible nominee for Health and Human Services secretary. Numerous papers picked up an Associated Press story Saturday saying the Kansas governor “is very near the top of President Obama’s list of candidates.” The Fix, the political blog at Washingtonpost.com, called Sebelius “clearly a serious contender” but cautioned that “one White House official warns that the reporting is getting ahead of itself and that the process remains ‘wide open’.”

Meanwhile, the HillBuzz blog has its own take on the possibility, with this headline: “Politico claims The Cryptkeeper’s going to be Health and Human Services Secretary.”

And Lt. Gov. Mark Parkinson told AP he’s ready to serve if Sebelius heads to Washington — but he still doesn’t plan to run for governor in 2010.

Salerno up for another job in Florida

Pat SalernoLast Friday, during Robert Layton’s first agenda review with the City Council, Mayor Carl Brewer asked the new city manager how his first week went. Layton smiled and said that it was so good he’ll be coming back for a second week after a weekend ski trip in Breckenridge, Colo. The punchline, of course, is clear to those who felt burnt by Pat Salerno’s decision to skip out on Wichita after signing a contract last summer. Well, perhaps those bristling council members will appreciate then that Salerno’s decision is following him around virtually everywhere he applies — along with the censure issued by the International City/County Management Association.

Most recently, Salerno’s flirt with Wichita has become part of his paperwork as a candidate in Coral Gables, Florida, a Miami suburb of 42,000 people. That’s according to a story in the Miami Herald, which also covered Salerno when he was city manager of Sunrise, Fla. for nearly two decades. The story reads:

“He has declined top manager posts in Fort Myers, Wichita, Kan., and Surrey, Canada. News stories about how he accepted the job in Wichita and then backed out are included in the ”city manager interview notebook,” delivered to commissioners Thursday.

”That gives me pause,” said Commissioner Maria Anderson, who had taken a preliminary perusal of the notebook on Friday.

”I want a person that if they are going to make a commitment, they are going to stick to it. Right now we need a city manager ready to step in and lead and move forward,” Anderson said.”