Daily Archives: Jan. 26, 2009

Editorial praises Layton with a rose

Robert Layton’s departing gift from from The Des Moines Register is a rose. In their Sunday opinion piece, which gives out roses and thistles, Layton was praised for his long-tenure in Urbandale, Iowa.

The paper’s editorial sums it up as “… Kansas’ gain, Iowa’s loss.”

Layton starts as Wichita’s city manager Feb. 2.

$300 million in reductions proposed in Senate budget, mostly in spending cuts

The Senate budget discussions appear to be the most popular thing going on right now. The committee room is standing room only, with more people listening to the audio in the hall outside.

Sen. Jay Emler, chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, has introduced an alternative plan that cuts about $300 million from the current budget, mostly through cuts. Read More »