Daily Archives: Jan. 14, 2009

Senators question Medicaid audit

Lawmakers on Wednesday criticized a audit of Medicaid saying it didn’t dig deep enough and worried it unfairly indicated that many primary care physicians were over charging the system.

In December, the Legislative Post Audit Division released a report identifying possibly fraudulent cases potentially costing the state up to $13 million. The $2.4 billion-a-year Medicaid program, provides health coverage to low-income people and covers more than 330,000 annually.

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House Republicans release their Legislative agenda

Money – how to cut it, where to get it, how to spend it – toped the agenda for 2009 that House Republicans unveiled today.

High on the list was the budget. With the state facing down an almost $200 million deficit this year, and a potential $1 billion plus shortfall next year if nothing is done, crafting will likely over shadow almost every other issue.

House Speaker Mike O’Neal, R-Hutchison, called the budget “the most important challenges facing us in the Legislature this year.”

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New chairman, vice chairwoman for county commission

Without much fanfare, the Sedgwick County commission voted in a new chairman and vice chairwoman Wednesday morning. But the vote signaled a big change on the board.

Commissioner Gwen Welshimer made the recommendation for Kelly Parks to serve as chairman of the board for the next year, and the board voted 5-0 to do so. New commissioner Karl Peterjohn called for Welshimer to be vice chairwoman of the board. That vote also was unanimous.

The shift signals a new majority on the board. Former chairman Tom Winters and commissioners Tim Norton and Dave Unruh typically voted together when voters were split, and Parks and Welshimer voted together. Observers say that Parks, Welshimer and Peterjohn likely will be the new majority when voters are split, though the commission typically voters unanimously.