Daily Archives: Jan. 5, 2009

Sebelius staying in Kansas

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius reiterated Monday that she was not hoping to go to Washington D.C. as the Secretary of Commerce after the former nominee withdrew.

“My position asking that my name be withdrawn had nothing to do with the options, it had to do with what was going on here in Kansas,” she told reporters. “Unfortunately, that is still the same today as it was two weeks ago.”

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson withdrew as President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for the post on Sunday. He cited a federal investigation in to a California company that had made political donations and also landed a state contract.

In December, Sebelius announced she was withdrawing her name from consideration for a cabinet post with the Obama administration.

Kansas faces a $141 million shortfall in this year’s budget, which could expand to a $1 billion deficit in the next budget year. Sebelius, a Democrat, said the state’s money problems and family considerations lead to her decision.

“That has not changed,” she said.

Sebelius was attending the swearing in ceremony for former House Minority Leader Dennis McKinney, who she appointed as the state’s new Secretary Treasurer.

McKinney, a Greensburg Democrat, replaces Republican Lynn Jenkins who won the 2nd Congressional District seat in November beating Rep. Nancy Boyda, a Democrat.