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Negotiations with Layton are under way

Mayor Carl Brewer said today that in-coming city manager, Robert Layton, has submitted his contract request and the city has responded with their offer, which Layton is now examining. Brewer said there’s no time line for the negotiations, but he said things are progressing well. He declined to talk about details of the request and counter offer.

For more on salaries, see The Eagle’s recent article analyzing what has happened with past managers.

Urbandale officials praise Layton as he prepares to leave

Now that Robert Layton is planning to leave the city he has managed for nearly 25 years, officials in that city, Urbandale, Iowa, are saying things like “that leadership will certainly be missed” and “whoever steps into his position will have large shoes to fill as one of the leaders not only for Urbandale, but the whole region.”

That’s according to a Des Moines Register article published today. The story is headlined “Metro officials shower Urbandale’s Layton with praise.”

Meanwhile, Wichita officials are geared up for contract negotiations, which they expect to begin at any time. But while Layton assembles his contract requests, he’s also dealing with pressing budget issues, including questions about whether to raise taxes or a hiring freeze to add fire staff to reduce response times, which he says are comparatively slow. Read more on that here. Whatever he learns from the debate will probably also apply to Wichita, which has also debated whether some fire engines should have three or four firefighters and how to staff its stations as three new ones are built. Read More »

Layton’s contract negotiations still await

Mayor Carl Brewer said today that he is still waiting to hear from Slavin Management Consultants to hear the contract requests of Wichita’s incoming city manager, Robert Layton. Once Layton conveys his desired salary and benefits, Slavin, who the city hired to help find a new manager, will pass that information to the city’s negotiation team, which includes Brewer, Vice Mayor Sue Schlapp and council member Paul Gray.

Brewer said, however, negotiations could start at any time. Read More »