Daily Archives: Dec. 16, 2008

County commissioners not too keen on City Hall debate

Sedgwick County commissioners on Tuesday hinted that they’re not going to be too keen about listening to public comment Wednesday calling for another public hearing on a tax increment financing (TIF) district near Intrust Bank Arena.

Commissioners Tom Winters, Tim Norton, Dave Unruh and Kelly Parks all agreed that that beef needs to be brought to the city, not the county.

Four people are on the county commission’s Wednesday meeting agenda to talk about the TIF district — a 16-block area targeted for street, sidewalk and landscaping improvements — before the board votes on it. Some of the speakers have said they want to talk to the county about how the city at the last minute added $10 million for parking into the plan to redevelop the area around the arena. They argue that the public hearing Dec. 2 after which the City Council voted to approve the district was not an open and transparent meeting because the public didn’t know about the parking until then. Read More »