Boathouse = Kansas Sports Hall of Fame?

Would the Boathouse be a great place for the struggling Kansas Sports Hall of Fame? Bill Koch thinks so, and neither one would be possible right now without him. (Koch, a billionaire, donated the Boathouse to the city in 1994 and recently donated $100,000 to the Hall of Fame, which was about to be evicted by the city after coming up short on rent payments.)

Brad Goldstein, a spokesman for Koch at The Oxbow Group, said today that Koch said he made an agreement with the city that the building would not be leveled. He wants the city to stick to the agreement, Goldstein said. And he said that Koch has invested $3 million in the building, not the $1 million that has previous been cited.

City Council members will vote, probably before the end of the year, whether to solicit new ideas for the Boathouse, which could include a business moving in or tearing the place down to make way for something else. They’ll also vote on whether to accept a new masterplan for WaterWalk, which would require the Jayhawk sailboat to be moved to make way for decorative water shows with water cannons, fountains and lights. (See The Eagle’s previous story for more.)