Bring your beer with while bar hopping?

So you’re at a bar and all your friends want to take off to the next establishment — but your beer is still half full. As it stands now, you’ll have to pound it or leave it behind. But there’s some hope for pedestrian drinkers. One of the legislative issues Wichita City Council members will discuss Tuesday is a move that would urge the state to pass a law allowing “entertainment overlay districts” where you could take your drink out of the bar and down the street.

For those with more serious things in mind, the legislative agenda has a familiar list of core Wichita issues — funding to subsidize airfares, money for the aquifer recharge project, more technical education, more nursing programs and small business development. The legislative requests also include a move to urge the state to pass a law allowing impoundments of motorcycles operated by unlicensed drivers — the police say five of the 11 fatal motorcycle accidents in the past two years have involved unlicensed drivers.

Council members will discuss the legislative issues Tuesday, make any changes they agree on and vote Dec. 2 on what requests to bring to Topeka.