Daily Archives: Sept. 17, 2008

Pat Salerno is a finalist for city manager post in Florida

Pat Salerno, who backed out of a commitment to be Wichita’s city manager in July, is one of five finalists vying for the city manager post in Deltona, Fla., The Daytona Beach News Journal is reporting today. Salerno first appeared as a candidate in the city of 84,000 in August, but he has since been put on the short list. (See our previous post.)

This defies some thinking among Wichitans who said Salerno’s career in city management would likely be doomed by backing out of his contract here and, in doing so, breaking one of the ethical guidelines of the International City/County Management Association. Time will tell.

What’s up with Wichita’s city manager search?

So far, the city manager search (Part 2) is on track. That’s the word from Misty Bruckner, who chairs the city manager search committee. She said Slavin Management Consultants told her over the weekend that ads have been placed with the International City/County Management Association, and Slavin’s people are calling up large cities with the city manager form of government to find potential candidates.

That keeps the 17-member committee on track to review candidates Oct. 1 and meet on Oct. 8 to whittle down the list in a closed-door meeting.