No big surprises in flood patterns, city says

Back in 1998, city officials and the analysts they hired were surprised to learn some of west Wichita’s worst flooding came from Dry Creek, which ran over its banks and cut a new channel to the north fork of Calfskin Creek. Much of that water ended up in The Dell neighborhood, which again last weekend was heavily damaged by rising water.

This time, however, there don’t seem to be any surprises in flood flows, Public Works Director Chris Carrier said. Carrier said city engineers haven’t yet fully analyzed and surveyed how the water flowed from designated drainage areas into neighborhoods because the focus now is on tallying up damages to see if the city qualifies for federal aid. Carrier also said, at least at this point, the city isn’t planning to hire consultants to analyze the rainfall and flood patterns as they did following the Halloween flood in 1998. But more information is likely to emerge after engineers meet this week to talk about flooding.