Wichita’s City Council consent agenda isn’t as boring as usual

It’s an unexpectedly exciting (if that word can be used in a council blog) line up for this week’s city council consent agenda and workshop.

First off, it’s not really a consent agenda, as the council calendar and 9:30 a.m. meeting time suggest. The first item is the repeal of the Intrust Bank Arena area tax increment finance district. Read more about that in Tuesday’s Eagle or here. In short, it’s a reaction to Sedgwick County’s concerns that the district is too big and diverts county-wide tax money to things the city should fund on its own. We can hear the groans of downtown developers and the cheers of limited government advocates already.

Next up is a proposal by Drury Southwest, Inc. to save the Broadview Hotel. This time the city’s not at as much risk as in a previous proposal that council members shot down. Drury is requesting a batch of incentives to make the deal work, including up to $25 million in industrial revenue bonds, property tax abatement and management of the city-owned parking garage on Waco across from the hotel. That’s different from the proposal council members shot down about a month ago in that it doesn’t ask for a city grant to renovate the building. But Drury is asking the city to approve a skywalk from the hotel to the garage. Learn more about that in Tuesday’s Eagle.

After the council meeting, city leaders will get a glimpse of new computer renderings of the new terminal at Mid-Continent Airport, talk about a plan to add sculptures to Old Town and review a request by the Kansas Aviation Museum for money to fund upgrades. Stay tuned to Kansas.com for updates Tuesday and Wednesday.