Martens out, Bruckner in as chair of city manager search team

Round two of the city manager search is underway, and this time it will have a different leader. It’s Misty Bruckner, coordinator of community outreach at Wichita State University’s Center for Urban Studies. She replaces the previous chair of the search committee, Steve Martens, who is president of Grubb & Ellis| Martens Commercial Group, LLC. Martens said he told Mayor Carl Brewer he wouldn’t be available to lead the search committee this time. But he praised the committee members and said he believes the city is using the right process to find a new manager.

The committee works largely under direction of the City Council, which was criticized last month when the only candidate interviewed by the council, Pat Salerno, backed out of his contract. Bruckner said she assumes this time around the council will want more than one candidate. But, she said today, the committee hasn’t reconvened yet, and this time the city has hired Slavin Management Consultants to find qualified candidates and conduct background searches and preliminary interviews. Bruckner did some of the candidate vetting during the last search effort, but she was not a committee member. In the 1990s, she worked as assistant to the city manager in City Hall. She performed independent contract work with local government agencies and non-profits after leaving City Hall. And, 18 months ago, she accepted her job at WSU, where she conducts research for the city and county and also coordinates other projects. She works directly with Ed Flentje, who left his post as interim city manager last month and is now returning to WSU.