Daily Archives: May 14, 2008

Magazine: Wichita is not walker-friendly

WalkSpring weather. Expensive fuel. Bulging guts. Time for a walk.

But while there’s plenty of open spaces in Wichita, it’s not a great place for a stroll, according to Prevention Magazine, which published its nationwide walkability ratings recently. Wichita was near the bottom of the list in Kansas and the nation. That distinction is also published in the latest issue of the Kansas Government Journal, the publication of the League of Kansas Municipalities.

“Although it does have a decent Walk Score — 89 out of 100 — it has the third lowest ratio of parks per square mile in the state, a huge hindrance to walkers,” the rating explanation says.

Want to know more? Check out walk scores for any given address online, and see an Eagle story about plans to improve walking.