Daily Archives: March 27, 2008

The debate over banning plastic bags

A plastic bag Are plastic bags man’s best friend, the environment’s worst enemy or something in between? A story on National Public Radio this morning says that more and more cities are banning the bags. (Wichita is not one of them. And, at least in The Eagle’s electronic archives dating back to 1984, such a ban hasn’t been discussed by local governments.) But The Eagle’s Annie Calovich reported last year that some local stores have started selling reusable bags. Those include Food for Thought, GreenAcres and the Wichita Whole Foods stores.

Dillons also sells reusable polypropylene bags and offers a drop-off box to recycle plastic bags in all their Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri stores, said Dillons spokeswoman Sheila Lowrie. The store sells reusable bags for 99 cents (or an insulated one for $2.99), and they give a 5 cent credit each time a customer uses one. (The bags are on sale through April 16 — four for $5 for the simple bags, and two for $4 on the insulated ones.) The recycled plastic bags are turned into plastic pellets that are then used to make more plastic bags, Lowrie said. She said the bags are selling well. “Our customers are really embracing it.”