Daily Archives: Jan. 31, 2008

Campaigns heat up in Kansas

The White HouseSuper Tuesday is approaching, and Democratic front runners are amplifying their messages and aiming them at Kansans. Sen. Barack Obama today began a TV ad campaign in Kansas featuring Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. In fact, nearly all of the audio and about a fourth of the visual are Sebelius, giving another powerful indication that Obama’s campaign believes Sebelius’ support could sway undecided voters or even change a few minds in the next five days. Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign also has staff rallying support, and it plans to give Kansans a chance to interact with her via satellite before Tuesday’s caucuses. And both campaigns have appointed people to respond to any campaign attacks or anything they perceive as misinformation or unfair.

Meanwhile, Sen. John McCain’s campaign announced the formation of Kansans for McCain and appointed Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback and Republican National Committeeman Stephen Cloud as co-chairs. The Republicans will likely become extremely active in Kansas if Tuesday’s elections don’t produce a clear front-runner. That’s because the Kansas GOP set their caucuses for Feb. 9 in hopes that the race would still be undecided and give Kansas a rare pivotal role in presidential politics. Check out Sunday’s Eagle for more about the caucuses, including a guide that will show you where you can participate.