Daily Archives: April 7, 2007

Grading Kansas

The US Chamber of Commerce released their state-by-state report card on education and it looks like Kansas might need some tutoring.

The state received high marks in overall academic achievement and for students of low-income and minority students.

The organization also gave Kansas a high score in the return on investment category because “student achievement in Kansas is high relative to state spending on education.”

But then the report card gets grim.

Kansas receives a D for rigor of standards mainly because of math and science curriculum standards and high school graduation requirements not aligned with college and workforce needs. Also adding to the low grade was the state’s lack of high school exit exams.

Coming out of the woodwork…

As mayor-elect Carl Brewer thanked his constituents at his final neighborhood breakfast this morning, The Hall Monitor couldn’t help but notice two familiar faces in the crowd – Lavonta Williams and Treatha Brown Foster.

These two names have popped up before on The Hall Monitor as possible candidates for the district 1 seat vacancy.

Williams who is a teacher in the Wichita school district said she was thinking about the possibility. Brown-Foster said she was “seriously considering it”.

For whoever fills Brewer’s old slot, it’s not going to be an easy job, he told the crowd today.

“There are going to be high expectations,” he said. “You’ll have to perform like I did or better. It’s going to take alot of commitment and time away from home. Don’t think it’s going to be an easy deal.”

Live from the 10th floor? Maybe

You won’t see it on TV, but every other Thursday at 1:30 p.m. the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission meets on the 10th floor of City Hall to decide what this city will look like. It’s often decided in pieces — such as can a subdivision expand or can someone sell a house and turn it into a business. Other times, it’s not so simple. For example, can a Wal-Mart SuperCenter move in or is it OK to relocate some wetlands to make way for development?

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