Daily Archives: March 29, 2007

Party on: ticket prices drop for R&B show

Want to see Earth, Wind & Fire on Saturday, but your money is funny and your change is strange?

Don’t fret, you’ve got people. No, not H&R Block, but organizers of the Downing Concert Series, who have made more $35 tickets available.

Talk about a discount.

And if you paid more for your Kansas Coliseum seat, there’s no need to complain. Every dollar raised through ticket sales from the concert, a pre-party and gala dinner will benefit the Center for Health and Wellness, the Boys and Girls Clubs of South-Central Kansas and The Opportunity Project school. These are organizations that are investing in children and healthcare in our community.

Now that’s worth singing about.

Catch Friday’s Eagle for more information or visit www.downingfoundation.org.

10th and Volutsia clean-up cost the city $12,000

The dump of a yard at 10th and Volutsia was probably the strangest and most controversial clean-up in the city’s history. It wasn’t cheap either.

It cost the city $12,000 to clean up the mess. (Watch Sunflower’s video of the clean up at this link.)

Here’s what Environmental Services Director Kay Johnson had to say about it, according to the District 1 Advisory Board minutes: “Basically, we could not go behind the fence and the property suffered years of neglect, which was an issue. Turn over in staff was another issue. Municipal Court had no jurisdiction to enforce the law and it was not until the District Court intervened those things changed. It cost the City $12,000 to clean up that property.” (See it all in this PDF of the minutes)