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Thank you, come again

Welcome to The Eagle’s newest blog. Keep coming back and you’ll see more of what goes on behind the political scene and more of what The Eagle’s metro reporters hear as they walk the halls of power both in Wichita and around the state.

Sometimes we’ll write about the first whispers of a larger plan, like a mayoral candidate’s plan to make Wichita a wireless internet city. Other times it will be a glimpse of someone’s life, like Sedgwick County Commissioner Tom Winter’s fishing trip. We’ll put out rumors, like those about Wichita School District Superintendent Winston Brooks becoming the next education commissioner. And we’ll share the news we’re tracking, like Sen. Sam Brownback’s campaign to become the next president.

And it’s not just politics. We’ll track city organizations large and small, telling you about the scene at community events, like the Urban League of Kansas rally.

We’re also hoping you’ll vent your views, give us new ideas and have open discussions on the posting boards. So, enjoy. We have 50 posts below this one to get started.

What’s all the fuss about? See for yourself

Sunflower Community Action members are awaiting their April 19 criminal trespass trails in municipal court. The charges stem from a well-publicized protest at City Manager George Kolb’s house.

See what it’s all about in this 8-minute video.

After Kolb’s wife closed the door on them, Sunflower members (with megaphone in hand) sang “jingle bells, this town smells, take it all away, if you don’t next Tuesday, we’ll be here everyday.”

“Are the police going to come?” someone asked. J.J. Selmon, a Sunflower leader who has advocated on behalf of upset neighbors, said even the police are upset with Kolb over their stalled salary negotiations.

Another YouTube video shows the mess at 10th and Volutsia before the city took the property owner to court and got the go ahead to clean it up and bill the property owner.

Wireless in Wichita? Brewer hints at it

He’s not giving details. Not about who he’s talking to. Not about what type of wireless system they’d try to bring in. But mayoral candidate Carl Brewer has said he’s in discussions with an undisclosed company about a wireless internet deal that could allow Wichitans to browse the web while having a picnic at the park or sipping coffee at home.

And he’s not just talking about the wireless that City Manager George Kolb has discussed with the Council to allow city workers to do work on the road. (See the PowerPoint here.) The Council decided against that plan with Sedgwick County and the Wichita School District. But Brewer says this idea would allow access for anyone with a computer — not just government employees.

It’s a popular idea nationwide. For example, the Los Angeles Times recently reported that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants to make L.A. the biggest wireless network around. Also noteworthy, a story in The Eagle this week pointed out that large wireless networks also have their problems with privacy.