Daily Archives: Feb. 5, 2007

You’ve got campaign mail.

Wichita school board at-large candidate Mary Dean has been campaigning through the cyber space. She’s emailing her stance on such things as the minority achievement gap and the district’s suspension/expulsion policy.

Dean, a retired Boeing employee, is one of five candidates for the at-large seat. It’s the only seat where an incumbent, Kevass Harding, is running for re-election.

That said, she’s also running in a race where two candidates, Harding and tax-payer advocate Karl Peterjohn, have much more name recognition than she does.

As for why she is running, here’s a taste from her email:

I believe it is time for the School Board to remember that the Superintendent works for them not the other way around. And, finally the School Board should be reminded that they represent and answer to the citizens, taxpayers, and students of USD 259.

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