Daily Archives: Jan. 31, 2007

Bad drivers, bad roads or both?

With three inches of snow down and more falling, The Eagle started looking at snow removal practices Wednesday morning. Turns out Wichita has about the same bar that other cities do — they don’t plow until a couple inches have fallen. May be a common practice, but Wichitans aren’t necessarily used to it.

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Kansas lawmaker focuses on world conflicts

State Senator Donald Betts, Jr. – D, Wichita – has quite the world view.

He’s making headlines by addressing Iraq. He wants lawmakers to pass a resolution that would put the state Legislature on record as opposing the Bush administration’s plan to commit 21,500 additional troops to the Iraq war.

Betts said on Thursday that, his attention – and his plans – will turn to Sudan. He mentioned an announcement, the Kansas retirement system for state employees and the conflict that has garnered worldwide attention, driven mostly by MTV and BET campaigns.

Confused? Betts said he plans to clear things up as soon as Friday.