Sneak peek

Earlier tonight I copy-edited the 1A centerpiece for Sunday’s paper.

It’s the story of a Greensburg resident’s horrific injuries and remarkable recovery, and what his family has dealt with over the past two months.

I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it just as much as I did.

Here’s a preview:

As the black whirling cloud approached their 1950s ranch home in southwest Greensburg, Danny looked outside. He told his girlfriend, Suleenia Charlton, he was afraid they would get hit.

They had no basement, so Danny, Suleenia and her 11-year-old daughter, Mariah, huddled in the shower. Kasha, 16, was at a forensics tournament in Salina. Nathan, 15, was bowling in Pratt.

Danny can’t remember what happened, but Suleenia does.

“The bedroom wall blew in, and the square tiles in the bathroom began popping off the wall one by one,” she recalled. “Wires started popping, and I covered my head.”

They held onto each other. They joke now that they flew United — together.

They were blown 100 yards into a gully. When Suleenia came to, they were surrounded by chest-deep water and debris.

Mariah had two 4-inch triple-hook fishing lures embedded in her back. But she managed to scramble out of the debris.

She did her best to dig the adults out, but she couldn’t. It was dark. She could hear people driving by, but nobody stopped. She was afraid her mom and Danny would die.

What happens next? Check out Sunday’s Eagle.