Food Network Magazine recognizes local ice cream shop

For the past several summers, Food Network Magazine has put out a “Fifty States” issue, which names the best of a certain dish in each of the 50 states.

Two summers ago, it was pizza, and Wichita Pizza Co’s taco pizza was named the best in Kansas. Last summer, the topic was sandwiches, and the banh mi at My Tho was the Kansas sandwich that made the list.

This summer, Food Network Magazine is listing the country’s best ice cream treats, and the issue on stands now names Paleteria La Reyna’s helado (Spanish for ice cream) the best in Kansas.

I love the ice cream there, which is creamier than standard ice cream. My favorite flavors are tequila (it really tastes like it), pine nut, pistachio and cookies and cream. My daughter loves the bubble gum flavor, which she chews on for hours.

I also love the rest of the menu at Paleteria La Reyna, which serves up some of the best tacos, tortas and chips and salsa in town.

For more information, visit the restaurant at 2925 N. Arkansas or call 316-831-9196.

My Tho is famous — and still closed

The new issue of Food Network Magazine, which is on newstands now, features a local sandwich: My Tho’s delicious banh mi. (Just take a look at the story and click on ‘KS.’)

The issue names one fabulous sandwich from each of the 50 states, and My Tho’s banh mi — featuring sliced, grilled pork, sliced fresh jalapeno, fresh cilantro, pickled julienne carrots and daikon, soy sauce and black pepper stuffed into a crusty French baguette – represents Kansas. The magazine even has a pretty picture of the colorful sandwich.

Unfortunately, those who haven’t tried the sandwich will have to wait a little longer. Delay after delay has kept My Tho at 500 E. Central, which closed for a big remodeling project in June, from reopening on time. Owners hoped to reopen last week, but now, they’re saying they need one or two more weeks because a new dishwasher and a soda dispenser have yet to be delivered.

Last year, Wichita Pizza Co’.s taco pizza was featured in a similar story in the magazine.

Wichita Pizza Co.’s taco pizza is a star

Wichita Pizza Co.'s taco pizza, which is featured in the new issue of Food Network magazine.

A new issue of Food Network magazine set to hit newstands on Aug. 9 will feature a local pizza.

Wichita Pizza Co.’s taco pizza represents Kansas in a feature that names one great pizza in each of the 50 states. Look at left at the pretty picture the magazine shot of the fabulous Dorito-covered creation.

I loved Wichita Pizza Co. when I reviewed it, and the taco pizza was one of my favorites. The restaurant, owned by Jeff and Lisa Hutton, is at 1520 S. Webb Road and sells all sorts of interesting pizzas, including one made with sauerkraut.

You can get a sneak peak at the whole pizza feature here, but if I were you, I’d wait till after lunch.

Question of the week: Best chicken wings

A reader named John wrote me recently with this probing question:

“I was curious what is considered to be the best wing place in town? It would seem a pity if the only real choice is Buffalo Wild Wings. Are there no great local wing places?”

The bad news for John is that Wichita does not have too many places other than BWW that make wings their main focus. But Wichita does have several restaurants in town that make great wings in addition to their other offerings. I have been particularly impressed by the wings I’ve had at Pacific Coast Pizza and at Wichita Pizza Co.

Who else serves great wings? (Or, as is shown in the picture at right, great drumsticks slathered in wing sauce, which I actually prefer.) Thank you, very kind and diplomatic readers, for pointing out that the morsels pictured here are actually pieces of the wing. Whatever would I do without your kindness and diplomacy?)

Answer in the comments section below.

Great news — unless you’re a chicken

I think it was right around the time that my colleague Suzanne Tobias introduced me to the terribly addictive Buffalo Ranch dip recipe that it hit me.

I. Love. Buffalo. Sauce.

Now, I can’t get enough of it. Every day, I crave things coated in that spicy red goodness. So even though I’m not into football, I’m thinking Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect day to feed my addiction.

The National Chicken Council sent me an e-mail this week saying that 1.25 billion chicken wing portions – more than 100 million pounds of chicken wings — will be eaten this weekend, making it the chicken-wing-iest time of the year.

Several places in town serve unexpectedly fabulous chicken wings, in my opinion, including Pacific Coast Pizza and Wichita Pizza Co.

Who serves your favorite wings?

Wichita Pizza Co.


Jeff and Lisa Hutton have owned the Dairy Queen at Harry and Webb for years and have watched pizza places go in and out of a space in a stripmall at the corner — Papa Murphy’s, Knolla’s, and most recently, Geno & John’s.

When the space came empty again, the couple decided to try their own pizza restaurant, which they’re calling Wichita Pizza Co. It opened two weeks ago at 1520 S. Webb Road and specializes in a thin-crust pizza similar to the style Jeff fell in love with at places such as Happy Joe’s, a northern pizza chain, and Tim’s in Kansas City.

The restaurant has several specialty pizzas, including a taco, a Canadian bacon and sauerkraut and a Mediterranean, and it’s becoming know for its not-at-all-skimpy topping load. It also serves salads, calzones and hoagies.

The dining room has plenty of seating and lots of televisions airing sports.

It’s open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Call 316-425-1900 for more information.