Donuts a la mode? Donut Whole adds ice cream to offerings

A Donut Whole doughnut serve a la mode.

A Donut Whole doughnut serve a la mode.

The Donut Whole at 1720 E. Douglas is known for its colorful and crazy donuts, from maple bacon to fruity-pebble covered. Earlier this week, owners Michael Carmody and Angela Mallory added a new dimension to the 5-year-old business: ice cream.

Customers now can get the Donut Whole’s donuts topped or sandwiched with chocolate or vanilla ice cream made by Paleteria La Reyna, the Mexican ice cream shop and restaurant at 2925 Arkansas. The shop is serving donuts a la mode, doughnut sundaes doughnut ice cream sandwiches and ice cream mix-in treats.

The Donut Whole also can serve shakes mixed with any flavor of milk tea, smoothie and coffee syrup flavors it has on hand, offering possibilities such as a Thai tea milkshake, a coffee milkshake, a maple spice milkshake and more. For more information, call 316-262-3700.

Donut Whole “cooking” the good stuff

Those of you who love AMC’s “Breaking Bad” as much as I do will no doubt be racing me to the Donut Whole in the morning.

Look what they just posted on their Facebook page: 

Big weekend for celebs at the Donut Whole

Comedian Kathy Griffin on Sunday with Donut Whole employee Breanna Cox.

The Donut Whole, the shop at 1720 E. Douglas that specializes in colorful and creative cake doughnuts, spent much of its weekend catering to celebs who were in town.

At about noon on Sunday, comedian and television star Kathy Griffin, who was in Wichita to perform at the Cotillion, popped into the shop. She ordered three doughnuts, then ordered four more to go, said co-owner Michael Carmody. (Round one: strawberry malt, chocolate streusel and a peanut butter/pretzel. Round two: sandwich cookie, S’mores, chocolate crunch and caramel sea salt.)

“I watch her show all the time on Bravo so I knew instantly who it was, but I didn’t want to make a big deal about it,” said Breanna Cox, the employee who first spotted Griffin. After a while, though, she and another employee approached the star and had a fun conversation with her, Cox said.

People who attended Griffin’s show later on Sunday night reported that she went on and on about the doughnuts while on stage. “We made extra doughnuts today just in case we got a flood of newbies,” Carmody told me this morning.

Also this weekend, the Donut Whole catered doughnuts for George Strait’s crew at Intrust Bank Arena. Carmody said that the shop is regularly asked to help fill “riders,” which are visiting artists’ list of requests outlined in their contracts. Also on Saturday, Carmody said, arena employees stopped in to pick up a half dozen Sunshine Citrus Crunch doughnuts, a request from Strait’s co-headliner and Kansas native Martina McBride.

Wonder if word of Wichita’s doughnut dominance will spread to Jason Aldean?

Changes for The Jaded Pearl

A tea-loving reader alerted me earlier this week to the fact that The Jaded Pearl, the new tea shop that opened in late October at 1716 E. Douglas, is closed. So I called owner Michael Carmody to find out what was going on.

Customers were confused by the two-businesses-in-one concept, he said. The Jaded Pearl, which specialized in tea, toast with “schmears,” and cereal, operated right next door to The Donut Whole, 1720 E. Douglas, and is adjoined to it by a door. Even though the two businesses were technically one, The Jaded Pearl had its own counter and cash register. So a customer who wanted tea with his donut, for example, had to order twice.

Carmody decided to rearrange the counter at The Donut Whole, and when he’s done, people will place all orders on that side of the business. The Jaded Pearl room will remain open for extra seating and for private functions, but the counter will be gone. Carmody said he’s axing the cereal from the original Jaded Pearl menu but he’s keeping the tea and toast. In the meantime, The Jaded Pearl will remain closed.

The Donut Whole, meanwhile, will celebrate its third birthday next Friday, Jan. 20, with an all-ages party featuring music from Dustin Arbuckle and Wayne Long. The party starts at 8 p.m. For more information, call 316-262-3700.

Now open: The Jaded Pearl

I like to call this pair of donut/tea artists "Michelangela."

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for restaurant openings.

The Jaded Pearl, the new tea bar adjoined to the Donut Whole, opened today. Hours are 6 a.m. to midnight daily, and the menu features a long list of teas (black, green, oolong, herbal, etc.) as well as toast made with fresh, thick-sliced bread, “schmears,” and breakfast cereals. You can see the full menu here.

Owners Michael Carmody and Angela Mallory have decorated the tea bar’s cozy seating area with comfy tables and chairs, area rugs and a whole bunch of pretty lights.

The Jaded Pearl’s address is 1716 E. Douglas.

An interior shot on The Jaded Pearl's opening day.

The Jaded Pearl will be a Donut Whole extension

Donut Whole owners Michael Carmody and Angela Mallory are very close to opening the tea bar they’ve been planning for the space next door to their successful, colorful doughnut shop at 1720 E. Douglas.

The Jaded Pearl should open in a couple of weeks right next door at 1716 E. Douglas. It’ll be accessible to the Donut Whole through a doorway adjoining the two businesses and will feature three dozen varieties of loose-leaf tea plus cereals, toast made with big hearty breads, and smears for the toast.

The duo already has the furniture for the spot, and they’re taking their time getting it just right before they open it.

Once it’s up and going, The Jaded Pearl will be open from 6 a.m. to midnight daily.

So what’s the meaning behind the name? It’s simple, Carmody said. From a long list of ideas the owners came up with, it was the one they liked best.

I’ll let you know when Carmody and Mallory have a firm opening date.

A photographic dispatch from Zoobilee


Among the people I saw at Zoobilee on Saturday:Television host Sierra Scott, local wine expert Beth Bower, Intrust Bank Arena's Sarah Haertl and Mrs. Freddy's Frozen Custard, Betsy Redler.

Zoobilee was on Saturday night, and as I’ve previously stated, it’s one of the best foodie events of the year. It’s an annual fundraiser for the Sedgwick County Zoo, and it’s the only day of the year the zoo closes so that restaurant vendors and bans can scatter themselves throughout the grounds and prepare to feed and entertain the masses. There’s always more than enough food, more than enough drink and more than enough music, fun and people watching to go around.

The numbers are in, and this year, the event attracted nearly 5,000 people and raised $500,000 for the zoo. Here’s my photographic report from the event.

The Donut Whole’s Angela Etter and Michael Carmody were there, sharing samples of their colorful confections.

It was very difficult not to grab one of these babies every time I passed by.

Chef Jeremy Wade, right, who’s everywhere with his new catering business, had not one, not two, but THREE spots at Zoobilee. Here he is with local foodie Bill Pearce, who’s a regular commenter on my blog and dining forum.

One of Jeremy Wade’s booths offered this generous and delicious steak taco.

Another of Chef Jeremy’s booths offered jambalaya, enjoyed here by my friend Jaime Green, Eagle photog and drummer in the local band The Mudbugs, which played the event.

Here, local foodie and radio host Guy Bower poses with The Mudbugs. When he wasn’t cheesing, Guy was offering the crowd an education on pinot, cab, sauv blanc and more.

Mike’s Wine Dive also was there, serving pork loin topped with a tropical salsa. When I passed by, general manager Brad Beyer was slice, slice, slicing away as the crowd mobbed his table.

Mmmmm. Pork loin.

Fiesta at The Donut Whole

images-1The Donut Whole, the very hip and happenin’ donut shop and hangout at 1720 E. Douglas, is always doing someting to enhance its hipness and happeningness, and its latest additions are giving the shop a little flavor of Mexico.

For one, it’s started serving Mexican Coca Cola, which for those who have not had the pleasure of sampling it, tastes soooo much better than the American version. It’s sold in glass bottles and it’s made with real cane sugar (as opposed to high fructose corn syrup). And Mexican Coke isn’t the store’s only unique beverage. The Donut Whole keep a whole array of natural sodas in their cooler, as is evidenced in this video.

It’s also now serving paletas, which are delicious Mexican ice cream bars made with real fruit and cream. Paleteria La Reyna, a paleta maker at 2925 N. Arkansas, is supplying the Donut Whole with the goods, and it stocks 24 flavors, including coconut, lemon, mango, strawberry, banana and the very interesting sounding fruit and chili.