Food worth the drive

Everyone knows about Carriage Crossing in Yoder and Luciano’s in Mulvane.

But other tiny communities that surround Wichita are home to lesser-known restaurants that are worth the drive.

This week in Go! I’ll publish Part I of a two-part list of restaurants you might want to check out next time your stomach is empty and your gas tank is full. One is The Breadbasket in Newton, which Jaime and I selflessly investigated on Tuesday morning. You can see Jaime’s video of The Breadbasket’s resident baker at work if you click “play” above.

An idea I endorse

If only all buffets offered plate-size options...

If only all buffets offered plate size options...

I was out this morning doing a little in-person research for a very fun story I’m working on for Friday’s paper when I stumbled across something that I can describe only as buffet brilliance.

The Breadbasket in Newton, which serves a daily breakfast buffet (overflowing with cinnamon rolls and gravy goodness), gives customers a choice of plate size and price.

I didn’t want to eat much this morning, but I wanted to sample the buffet, so I chose the tiny dessert plate that could be filled one time for $3.99. It was perfect — I was easily able to fit a little breakfast burrito, a biscuit with gravy and a cinnamon roll. And I left without feeling like I needed to invest in an elastic waistband, which is rare when I leave a buffet.

A giant all-you-can-eat plate cost $7.99, and there were two options in the middle, too.

Brilliance, I say.