More chef shuffling

David Wirebaugh, Ben George, Terry Johnson and Jeremy Wade at this summer's Iron Chef competition at the Old Town Farmer's Market. Photo by Old Town Farmer's Market.

If you follow restaurants in Wichita, you know that our pool of local chefs is constantly shifting in and out of restaurant jobs. They work here for a while. They work there for a while. They open up their own restaurants. They go back there. They try here again. Rinse. Repeat.

Over the weekend, I found out about a few more moves in the never-ending revolving door of Wichita chefdom. Ben George, who was really turning things around at The Anchor — both in terms of food and service — left there in December after Tallgrass Country Club made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, recruiting him as their food and beverage director. Now, The Anchor is using some of Ben’s former assistants to keep the kitchen going. (I also hear that Anchor owner Schane Gross is now looking at April as a start date for her long-awaited remodel.)

I also heard over the weekend that Gaslamp Grille & Lounge has a new chef: Terry Johnson, who’s worked at restaurants such as Cibola and Yia Yia’s and regularly wins chef cookoffs around town, is heading the Gaslamp kitchen now.

Iron Chef Wichita

Iron Chef David Wirebaugh from Harvest Kitchen/Bar.

Iron Chef David Wirebaugh from Harvest Kitchen/Bar.

The Old Town Farmers Market will be the site on Saturday of the 8th annual Iron Chef Competition, which pits local chefs against each other in a live, action-packed, mystery ingredient-filled competition.

This year’s competitors are Chef David Wirebaugh, the head chef at the Hyatt’s Harvest Kitchen/Bar; local caterer and chef-about-town Jeremy Wade, The Anchor’s Ben George, and last year’s champ, area chef Terry Johnson.

A “secret ingredient” will be revealed at 8:30 a.m. (last year’s was onions), and the chefs will have until 9:45 a.m. to shop the Farmers Market for ingredients and create a dish. Judges are Guy and Beth Bower and Sierra Scott.

The Old Town Farmers Market takes place from 7 a.m. to noon at First and Mosley streets in Old Town.