‘Doritos Loco Taco’ launches at The Bell tonight

I’m endlessly amazed by the people whose job it is to constantly come up with new ways to serve fast food. The Pizza Hut people are particularly impressive. Just when you think there’s no other form in which pizza can be served, they stuff the crust or make it square in a box with all manners of other pizza goodness.

Taco Bell is launching its new stunt food tonight, and if you stay up until midnight, you can be among the first to sample it.

They’re called “Doritos Locos Tacos,” and essentially, they’re tacos served in a crispy shell made from Nacho Cheese Doritos. Sounds…messy. But marvelous.

Wichita Taco Bells, along with Bells across the country, will start serving the tacos from their drive-through windows at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow, which by my calculations is just after midnight tonight.

If anyone goes loco tonight, I’ll expect a full report in the morning.

Question of the week: Top taco burger?

This question is kind of selfish because lately, all I want to eat is taco burgers.

I don’t let myself eat taco burgers every day, but sometimes I wish I could set up a little bed in the corner of Taco Pronto and just live there. I would shout my taco burger needs at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But enough about my crazy. My question of the week: Who makes your favorite taco burger locally? It doesn’t have to come from a fast-food place, although I think I’ve made my Pronto preference perfectly clear.

Two burning questions: Why do taco burgers taste so much better than burger burgers? Also, why doesn’t Taco Bell serve a taco burger?

Give me your T.B. nominee in the comments section below.