Restaurant confession

I'm so ashamed.

Needed: Chopsticks lessons.

I have a restaurant confession to make, and I’m so ashamed.

I can’t use chopsticks. Can’t do it. I’ve tried for years, and no matter who tries to teach me or how much I practice, I fumble it all up, send the sticks flying, embarrass myself and delay the transportation of sushi to mouth way longer than it needs to be delayed. Grrrr.chopstix

Today, I had lunch at Sumo with Carrie and one of her influential restaurant  sources and was humiliated when I had to ask for a fork.

I blame it on being a lefty.

But there is a bright side. My sushi lunch included this amazing special, called the Viva Vegas roll, which featured a crunchy tempura coating and amazing presentation. With the aid of my fork (or Knork, in this case), I was able to grab it up much faster than my chopsticked companions.

Small victories.