Question of the week: Wichita’s best burger?

Mmmmm. Freddy’s Steakburger. My favorite.

Mooyah, which opened on Monday, is the latest of several burger chains that have opened in Wichita over the past several years. Some have made it (Five Guys) and some have not (Smashburger.)

This week’s question: What’s your favorite burger served in Wichita?

People always ask me this question when I’m around town giving talks about restaurants, and my answer is always Freddy’s Frozen Custard steakburgers. I just love the super-flat, crispy on the edges, melty cheese goodness of those burgers.

What about you?

Question of the week: What’s your beer?

It’s Midwest Beerfest week, a great time to talk about a great topic.

Everyone has a favorite beer… or two. I’m a fan of Blue Moon Belgian White with an orange or Corona with a lime. and I always get excited when pumpkin beers come back in season.

I have friends who are addicted to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or anything from New Belgium Brewing.

My question this week: What’s your favorite beer? What do you order most often?

Answer in the comment section below.

Question of the week: What should the Dining Panel review?

Meeting with the newly formed Wichita Eagle Dining Panel at Caffe Moderne. I have no idea why I look so alarmed.

Later today, I’ll be introducing the new Wichita Eagle Dining Panel, a group of local foodies I’ve gathered who are going to begin providing mini-restaurant reviews about once a week.

I like to review restaurants that opened within the past six months, but the panel won’t have those constraints. Members can review anything they want that’s been around for six months or longer and I haven’t already visited. They can visit classic Wichita eateries, holes in the wall, anything they want.

Which local restaurants do you think the panel should visit? And why? I’m sure they’d like to have some nominees.

Make yours in the comments section below.

Question of the week: Wichita’s best cookie

What with Valentine’s Day and Girl Scout Cookie delivery time, cookies are everywhere these days.

I can’t stop thinking about them, which isn’t just a seasonal problem for me. It’s a constant problem.

My question of the week: Which local baker or restaurant makes the best cookies? I have a few nominees, including the amazing frosted sugar cookies baked at Connie’s Cookies and the crumbly, not-t0-sweet French butter cookies made at bakeries such as La Galette. 

Who, besides your mom, bakes your favorite cookie in Wichita? Answer in the comments section below.

Question of the week: Which restaurant gift card do you covet?

It’s gift giving time, and restaurants everywhere are clamoring for gift card buyers, offering incentives ranging from free food to bonus cards.

This week’s question: If your loved ones were to give you a restaurant gift card for Christmas, which restaurant would you want it to come from?

I remember one year I got a Chester’s Chophouse gift card, which was great because I rarely treat myself to that $$$$place$$$$ even though I love it. Another year, I gave a Chipotle gift card to someone who likes to eat there for lunch on a regular basis, meaning he got free lunch for weeks.

What would your gift card wish be?

Answer in the comments section below.

Question of the week: Your favorite sushi roll?

The number of sushi restaurants in Wichita just keeps multiplying. The latest is a second location of Wasabi, which opened last week in the former Bossa Grill space at at 3242 N. Rock Road. It has essentially the same menu as its sister restaurant at 912 E. Douglas, though owners have added a few new appetizers, salads and rolls. Hours are 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays; noon to 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; and noon to 9:30 p.m. Sundays.

The opening inspires the question of the week: What’s your favorite sushi roll served in Wichita? Describe the roll, and tell us who makes it. To add my two sushi cents: I love love love the Flat Land Dream served at Kanai and featuring a creamy crab center plus scallops, shrimp and cream cheese with a topping of albacore, avocado, tataki sauce, mayo and sriracha.

Let me know you favorite in the comments section below.

Question of the week: Best date destination?

Local foodie Jeff Christensen suggested this question of the week:

“Here’s a question for you to do next week,” he wrote to me. “What’s the best place for a first date/date with the wife, and why?”

Can you help him, dear readers? He clearly has someone to impress. Answer in the comments section below.

Question of the week: What’s Wichita’s best sandwich?

Pho Hot's banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich made with grilled pork, herbs and veggies on a homemade French roll.

Thursday is National Sandwich Day, and I’m not making that up.

In honor of November’s second-most-important holiday, let’s talk sandwiches.

Which local sandwich is your favorite? I have a few, including Metro Grill’s Cuban sandwich, Tanya’s Soup Kitchen’s Milano and the Nancy’s No. 8, famously made by The Artichoke. I’m also a big fan of almost any locally produced banh mi — which are amazingly delicious Vietnamese sandwiches.

What are your favorite Wichita sandwiches?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Question of the week: Favorite fall treat?

Freddy's pumpkin pie concrete.

Coffee shops, ice cream stores and restaurants have been rolling out all their pumpkiny, nutmeggy fall-flavored treats over the past few weeks. I recently received a torturous e-mail from Freddy’s Frozen Custard touting the return of its pumpkin pie concrete, a dangerous combination of frozen custard and chopped up pumpkin pie, crust and all.

What’s your favorite seasonal fall treat offered locally? Describe what it is and where to get it.

Question of the week: Best Chinese buffet

A photo for the memory book: The fabulous fried section from the Kwan Court buffet.

In just about four weeks, Kwan Court will be no more. The restaurant at 1443 N. Rock Road is closing after 21 years, plagued by financial troubles. (You can read my farewell story here.)

When it goes, Kwan Court will take with it what has been in my opinion Wichita’s best Chinese buffet — one that, even through ownership changes, has always emphasized quality over quantity. (Though there was always plenty to choose from.)

This week’s question: Where else in Wichita can Chinese fans find a decent Chinese buffet? If you know of one, name it in the comments section below, and tell us why it’s worth checking out.