South Seneca Pizza Hut crossing the street

The Pizza Hut at 2417 S. Seneca closed about two weeks ago after its lease expired and owners decided not to reup.

But that Pizza Hut is going to reopen on Monday right across the street in the space at 2452 S. Seneca recently vacated by Blockbuster Video.

The Pizza Hut is one of the smaller stores that’s mainly focuses on carryout and delivery but also has a few tables for dine-in customers.

Those who call the South Seneca store (316-265-6565) before Monday will be automatically redirected to the Delano store at 700 W. Douglas.

‘Doritos Loco Taco’ launches at The Bell tonight

I’m endlessly amazed by the people whose job it is to constantly come up with new ways to serve fast food. The Pizza Hut people are particularly impressive. Just when you think there’s no other form in which pizza can be served, they stuff the crust or make it square in a box with all manners of other pizza goodness.

Taco Bell is launching its new stunt food tonight, and if you stay up until midnight, you can be among the first to sample it.

They’re called “Doritos Locos Tacos,” and essentially, they’re tacos served in a crispy shell made from Nacho Cheese Doritos. Sounds…messy. But marvelous.

Wichita Taco Bells, along with Bells across the country, will start serving the tacos from their drive-through windows at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow, which by my calculations is just after midnight tonight.

If anyone goes loco tonight, I’ll expect a full report in the morning.

In the works: Picasso’s Pizzeria

A new pizza places should be opening soon in Delano.

Picasso’s Pizzeria is in the works at 621 W. Douglas. It’ll be owned by Kurt Schmidt and specialize in New York pizza by the slice.

The restaurant is catty corner to Pizza Hut and across the street from The Vagabond.

I stopped by this afternoon, and the space was buzzing with construction work. It looks like it’s close to being done.

I’ll fill in more details as I get them.

Pizza Hut helping tornado victims today

The fine folks at Pizza Hut are offering a deal today that I can truly get behind.

The company plans to donate 15 percent of proceeds from all pizzas sold today in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas to the United Way Tornado Disaster Fund to help tornado victims in Joplin and other parts of the Midwest. The deal applies to dine-in, carryout an delivery orders.

Perhaps Pizza Hut was moved to action by the story of its manager in Joplin, Christopher Don Lucas, who died trying to save his co-workers and customers on May 22. President Obama mentioned Lucas in his speech in Joplin a few days after the disaster.

My favorite Pizza Hut pizza of all time? Thin crust cheese with extra sauce and extra cheese. Thin crust hamburger and mushroom is a close second.

Let’s all order. It’s too hot to cook, anyway.