Two restaurants contribute to Colo. victim

Two local restaurants are offering 10 percent of their proceeds on Tuesday and Wednesday to the family of one of the victims of the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting last month.

Wichita’s Papa John’s and and Genghis Grills will make the donation to the family of Jonathan Blunk, whose mother,¬†Dawna Nygaard, lives in Andover. Blunk was one of 12 people killed.

Diners can participate by eating at the restaurants on Tuesday and Wednesday. Those who order pizza online at should enter the promo code “Jonathan.”

Wichita has several Papa John’s locations. The city’s Genghis Grill restaurants are at 111 S. Rock Road and¬†8448 W. Central.

The best field trip EVER

Preschoolers perfect a pepperoni pizza at Papa John's.

Preschoolers perfect a pepperoni pizza at Papa John's.

I remember a lot of cool field trips I took as a kid: Dairy farm, zoo, etc.

But by far the coolest one we ever took got us backstage at the most marvelous place in Dodge City. MCDONALD’S!!

I remember my first-grade self being blown away by the awesomeness of the French fryer and the amazing technology of the drive-thru intercom. The mystery removed from my Happy Meal! The secrets of the Golden Arches revealed!

My little chef enjoys the cheesy fruit of her labor.

My little chef enjoys the cheesy fruit of her labor.

I thought of that again yesterday when my daughter’s preschool class took a field trip to Papa John’s, an event they’d been looking forward to for weeks. The kids got to go back into the kitchen, examine the tubs of toppings, touch the raw dough and stand on stacked-up pizza boxes to assemble their own pizza. The best part? They got to eat their creation right afterward.

Papa John’s puts these little field trips on for free, and the kids love them.

Anyone know of any other field trip-friendly restaurants?