Question of the week: Best froyo?

Wichita has no shortage of assemble-your-own frozen yogurt places. It seems like a new Peachwave or CherryBerry or Orange Leaf appears every day.

Now that school’ s out and it’s getting warmer, froyo sounds even better.

My question this week: Which of the many Wichita self serve frozen yogurt places is best? What’s your favorite flavor? And what do you put on top?

Let me know what you like in the comments section below.

Wichita’s CherryBerry now open

The self-serve frozen yogurt boom continues with the opening of Wichita’s first CherryBerry, this one at 737 N. Maize Road. The shop, which is near the corner of Central and Maize, looks a lot like Orange Leaf on the inside, with mod furniture, a wall of yogurt dispensing levers and teeny tiny mosaic tile. Only CherryBerry has a pink/red/green color palette.

CherryBerry has 14 flavors and more than 50 toppings, and customers fill their bowls themselves from dispensers on the wall. The cost depends on the weight of the creation.

Hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Have you heard how busy she’s been?

676-rengers_carrie.mugshot.prod_affiliate.80My colleague Carrie Rengers, she of the “Have You Heard” blog, has an uncanny ability to somehow find out about businesses that are opening (or not opening) almost before the people opening them even know. Restaurants are her specialty.

Carrie’s been on a roll lately, so I thought I’d round up some of her restaurant headlines, just in case you missed ‘em.

Probably no BenchWarmers after all: Mainly because the guy who was going to open the sports bar at 37th and Rock is now incarcerated.

Piccadilly Express, the downtown version of the Latour anchor, has closed.

Orange Leaf frozen yogurt is planning a third shop at Central and Greenwich. PEANUT BUTTER FROYO FOR ALL!

Frida’s, which made my favorite Wichita Mexican food, is closed for now while owners look for a new location. I have threatened physical harm to owner Mario Quiroz if he fails to reopen.

The Chili’s that closed last year at 21st and Greenwich is reopening.

That’s all for now. But give her five minutes or so.

Orange Leaf: Self-service fun

A trio of Orange Leaf creations

A trio of Orange Leaf creations

This weekend I stopped into Orange Leaf, the new self-service frozen yogurt shop at 21st and Tyler, just to casually check it out.

Okay, who am I kidding? I’ve been panting over this place since the very first second I heard they’d have peanut butter flavored frozen yogurt.

It did not disappoint. I made a creation that included so many variations on the two-great-tastes-that-taste-great-together theme that my head nearly explodorageleafinteriored.

The place is fun to visit because customers walk in, pick up an oversized bowl, and then go to town filling the bowl from self-serve yogurt dispensers that offer 16 different flavors, from peanut butter to peach, cherry to cheesecake. The dispensers are low enough that kids can make their own, and the ones I saw were loving that feature.

Next, customers top their yogurt from a self-service bar that features all sorts of fruit, candy, cereal and other sweet treats. They place the finished product on a scale and then pay 39 cents an ounce. We got three pretty big servings for about $9, which doesn’t seem outrageous considering that a small gelato costs nearly $5 these days.


The seating area is mod and bright, with short white tables and space-ship looking chairs and orange couches. There’s also a very bright and interesting mural on the wall that depicts scenes from Wichita.

A second Orange Leaf is scheduled to open next month at 37th and Rock.

Orange you glad I told you?

Orange Leaf = yogurty bliss

orangeleafyougurt One of my very favorite summer (and winter, who are we kidding?) treats is frozen yogurt, especially the type made popular by shops such as Pinkberry on the west coast.

Wichita FINALLY is finally getting some Pinkberry knockoffs, including Froz, which opened earlier this year on the east side.

Now there’s news that Wichita is about to get two new Orange Leaf frozen yogurt shops, one on the east side and one on the west. Orange Leaf invites customers to fill their bowls themselves from a line of yogurt machines then top their creations themselves from a topping station overflowing with candies, fruits and other sweet things. Customers take their creations to the counter and pay based on weight. The bowl’s, not theirs.

This could be dangerous.

According to the Orange Leaf web site, the shop will offer 15 flavors, including my all-time favorite — peanut butter.

Yes, this could be dangerous.