Green Olive will open in the spring

MamaDeaux is out. Green Olive is on its way in.

Sam Eddine has a big space attached to his Marco’s Cantina at 6600 W. Central, and he’s trying to find the right fit for it.

He opened a new version of his one-time restaurant MamaDeaux Seafood House — a Cajun restaurant — in the spot back in 2011. But he closed it a couple of months ago, he said, because the food costs were too high and Wichitans weren’t embracing the concept.

Now, there’s a new sign on the building that reads “Green Olive.” Eddine says that he plans to turn the space into a new fast-concept Mediterranean restaurant that will specialize in Mediterranean pizzas cooked in a brick oven, falafel, schwarma and more. The restaurant will have its own entrance but also will be accessible from Marco’s.

Though Green Olive is months from opening, Eddine had to put the sign up, he said with a laugh, because he had nowhere to store it.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

MamaDeaux being revived in Marco’s banquet room

MamaDeaux Seafood House, a Cajun restaurant that operated at 606 N. Winterset St. from 2003 to 2006, is being revived.

Former owner Sam Eddine, who also has Marco’s Cantina across the street at 6600 W. Central, is planning to turn a banquet space at the back of Marco’s into a new version of Mamadeaux, meaning essentially that he’ll have two restaurants in one building.

The front of the restaurant will remain Marco’s, and the back will become MamaDeaux. Eddine recently moved the MamaDeaux sign off the former building and onto the Marco’s building. The two restaurants will have separate entrances and separate menus, though Eddine says people dining at Marco’s can get MamaDeaux food and vice versa.

The new MamaDeaux menu will be slightly smaller than the original’s but will offer fried catfish, oysters, crawfish, frog legs, fried alligator, Po’ Boys and more.

“People tell us all the time that they loved it,” Eddine said of the former MamaDeaux.

He plans to make the changes after the holidays.

As for the former MamaDeaux building, Eddine said he sold it to someone who was planning to turn it into a night club, but those plans are off. A “for sale” sign is back up on the building.