Metro To Go will bring you food, medicine, etc.

The Metro To Go-mobile.

Scrolling through Facebook, I recently noticed that The Artichoke had just signed on to partner with a business called Metro To Go.

As it turns out, The Artichoke isn’t the 3-year-old businesses’ only dining partner. Owned by George Odom, Metro To Go will deliver just about anything to anyone who is within the borders of 119th west to Greenwich east and 27th Street north to 47th Street south.

Metro To Go’s main business is restaurant delivery, which comes in handy in Wichita — a town that pretty much delivers only pizza. Those who place an order with one of the service’s “partner” restaurants, listed on its website, pay $6.49 for deliveries up to $30 and $1 more for every $10 above that. Partner restaurants include The Artichoke, Fusa, Le Monde, Saigon and more. Patrons also can order from a non-patron restaurant, but then the delivery fee is $10.

People use Metro to Go for other things, too, such as having medicine or other items delivered. Many of their customers are home-bound people or those who don’t want to fight the weather or their schedules to get out.

To use Metro To Go, visit the website or call  316-448-0308.

Question of the week: Favorite fried food?

Wichita has no shortage of fried delicacies, even when it’s not Wichita River Festival time. Fried mozzarella sticks. Fried pickles. Fried okra. Fried jalapeno bites. Onion rings. French fries. The list goes on and on.

My favorite fried foods in Wichita include The Flying Stove’s amazing truffle fries, the fried ravioli at Le Monde and the panko-crusted fried shrimp from Kanai.

What’s your favorite fried food locally? And who serves it?

Answer in the comments section below.

Question of the week: Best restaurant products for home use?

Pat and Don and their amazing corner-cutting pizza crust.

At last night’s fun dinner at Pat and Don Hysko’s house, Pat shared her secret about buying Knolla’s pizza dough raw whenever she wanted to make homemade pizza. Her theory: If a restaurant can sell you something it takes a while to make (or that you can’t make any better) and it’s inexpensive and good quality, why NOT cut a corner when you can?

I realized that I do that with several things. If I make Pad Thai, for example, I purchase spring rolls from Saigon. You can’t make naan for your Indian meal better than Passage to India can. Buy it there! My friend, Kim, always has several bottles of Le Monde’s fattouch salad dressing in her fridge. And who doesn’t buy N&J’s pitas when serving a Mediterranean meal?

Are there any restaurant products that you like to buy to use when you’re cooking at home? Let me know what they are and why you like them so much.

Share your find in the comments section below.