Frida’s is back — but with a new name

Oh, piratas. How I’ve missed you.

I needed some good news today.

And I got it, from Mario Quiroz, former owner of only my favorite Wichita Mexican restaurant ever — Frida’s at 1580 W 21st St. The restaurant, known for its amazing piratas and cursed traffic situation, closed in 2010.

Quiroz has dreamed of reopening it ever since but couldn’t find the right spot — until now. He’s taking over the former Las Tias de Beto spot at 1064 N. Waco, right next to Juarez Bakery.

The restaurant will be called Molino’s Mexican Cuisine, and Quiroz will serve everything he used to serve at Frida’s and then some. He’ll have the piratas, the tacos, the salsa bar and will add other dishes. He’s also making the restaurant full-service rather than order-at-the-counter.

Quiroz has been working for the past several years as a sales rep for US Foods, and Manuel Fernandez, owner of Juarez Bakery and Las Tias de Beto, was one of his clients. Quiroz says he’ll keep that job, and his wife will run the new restaurant. They decided not to call it Frida’s because they wanted a fresh start.

The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Quiroz hopes to have it ready to go by the end of April. I’ll keep you posted.

No bueno: Las Tias De Beto is closed

Me, my sad shadow, and the bad news on the Las Tias De Beto door.

Las Tias De Beto, the delicious Mexican restaurant that opened in July, is closed. Sunday was its last day in business.

The restaurant, which was at 1064 N. Waco, right next to Juarez Bakery, belonged to Juarez owner Manuel Fernandez and a partner. It sold authentic tacos, tortas, enchiladas and more. Fans of the restaurant were bemoaning its closure this weekend on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Fernandez didn’t want to go into too much detail, but he said there was a disagreement between the family members operating the restaurant about how it should be run. The disagreement couldn’t be worked out, he said, so he decided to close the restaurant.

Financial health was part of the issue too, he said. “How can I say this? You can’t spend $10 if you only make $6 or $7.”

Fernandez said he’s already had two or three offers from other entrepreneurs hoping to open a restaurant in the space, which is all brand new. But he’s going to need a while to consider those offers, he said.

He promised to update me when he made a decision.

Question of the week: Best breakfast splurge?

Huevos Rancheros remnants. They went fast.

Usually, I’m a yogurt or granola bar for breakfast kind of girl. I love lunch and dinner too much to waste all my calories in the morning.

But this week has been a strange one in that I indulged in two breakfast splurges. On Monday, I couldn’t resist the amazing bacon-topped cheese grits being offered at the Cake Face food truck. And today, my co-workers and I sampled a chorizo and egg burrito AND an order of huevos Rancheros with rice and beans as part of my review of Las Tias De Beto, which will be published later today.

When I do splurge on breakfast, I try to make sure it’s something that’s worth the calorie explosion. Cheese grits qualify, and I’ll almost always give in on eggs Benedict.

What breakfast item do you order when you are feeling decadent?

Answer in the comments section below.

Las Tias de Beto scheduled to open Friday

Las Tias de Beto, a Mexican restaurant going in at 1064 N. Waco, right  next door to Juarez Bakery, is scheduled to open at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow.

The restaurant is owned by Manuel Fernandez, owner of Juarez, and a partner. It’ll offer the standard fajita/taco/burrito options plus fish and steak dishes typical of Northern Mexico. It also will serve breakfast dishes such as chorizo and eggs. Fernandez is working on getting a liquor license.

I stopped by this morning to take a peek. There’s a subtle sign on the door, but so far, no big outside signage. The biggest challenge for me with this place will be avoiding the Mexican pastries next door. There’s almost nothing I love more than Mexican pastries.

Hours for Las Tias de Beto will be 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. For more information, call  316-977-9336.

Coming soon: Las Tias de Beto

Local foodie extraordinaire Andrew Gough alerted me to a new Mexican restaurant in progress (gracias), and after lunch today, I stopped by to check it out.

It’s called Las Tias de Beto Family Mexican Restaurant and is set to open in the middle of March right next door to the Juarez Bakery at 1068 N. Waco Ave.

Manuel Fernandez, who is one of the owners of Juarez, is a partner in the new restaurant, too. He said it will offer the standard fajita/taco/burrito options plus fish and steak dishes typical of Northern Mexico.

It’ll be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and will offer margaritas, beer and possibly wine. The dining room, which at the moment is a swirl of dry wall, cement and test-paint-splotches, will seat about 58.

I’ll let you know more as construction continues.