Update on Jimmy John’s at 21st and Maize

People have been e-mailing me lately wondering if the first west side Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches was ever going to open.

I spoke today with franchisee Matt Brane, who originally told the Eagle last year that he hoped to have the new restaurant, which is going up next to Applebee’s on 21st Street just west of Maize Road, open by spring.

Instead, it’s likely to open sometime in December, he said.

The delay was intentional. Brane said he decided he’d like the traffic-choking road construction that took place at 21st and Maize this summer to be complete before he opened. “We decided we didn’t want the west-side customers associating our sandwiches with that west side chaos,” he said.

The road construction is done, though, and construction on the building is moving along nicely, Brane  said. The parking lot is done, and the brick is going on the building.

The restaurant will be Wichita’s fourth Jimmy John’s. The other three are at 340 N. Rock Road, 3300 N. Rock Road and 517 N. Hillside.

I reccomend the No. 9 Italian Night Club, which I devoured at lunch just today.