Liquor store wine tastings start on July 1

Jamie Stratton, wine director at Jacob Liquor

A law change that takes effect on July 1 will allow liquor stores in Kansas to start offering wine tastings, and Jacob Liquor is wasting no time.

The store, which has locations at 3049 N. Rock Rd and 10221 W. 21st St., will offer its first tasting on the very first day it’s allowed: Sunday, July 1.

Jamie Stratton, Jacob Liquor’s wine director, is still finalizing the details of the event. But it will likely feature a variety of wines available for sampling stationed around the store. After that, the stores will start offering tastings every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They’re allowed to offer samples of wine, beer and spirits.

The events, as the law requires, are free. I compared them to the free samples popular at Sams, and Jamie laughed and said that was probably a good description. He probably will not be laughing at this photo I’ve posted, which I borrowed from Jacob Liquor’s Facebook page announcing the tastings.

Jamie said he’d have the details, such as time of the tastings and what will be served, ironed out by early next week. He’ll give them to me, he said, and he’ll also post them on the Jacob Liquor website.