Wichita’s latest dining trend: FroYo for all

Yogurt Xplosion is one of the latest additions to Wichita's self-serve scene.

First it was hamburgers. Then it was hot dogs. (Actually, it’s still hamburgers and hot dogs)

Gelato had its moment. So did Japanese hibachi grills, followed by fast food-style Japanese hibachi grills.

The latest food trend in Wichita is frozen yogurt — specifically self-serve frozen yogurt.

Orange Leaf opened Wichita’s eyes to how much fun it can be to pull a lever and dump as much creamy goodness as you want into a bowl, top it with as many crushed up Oreo bits as you can handle and pay the price in ounces — and calories.

I love Orange Leaf, even though I try hard to avoid it, mainly because it’s very hard to exercise self control at such fabulous places. If there were no consequences to eating $10 worth of peanut butter frozen yogurt daily, I’d do it.

This week, I wrote my dining story about all the new frozen yogurt places planned for Wichita, and there are a lot of ‘em. Plan your summer eating tour with my handy guide, which will appear in the Go! section on Friday.

Orange Leaf = yogurty bliss

orangeleafyougurt One of my very favorite summer (and winter, who are we kidding?) treats is frozen yogurt, especially the type made popular by shops such as Pinkberry on the west coast.

Wichita FINALLY is finally getting some Pinkberry knockoffs, including Froz, which opened earlier this year on the east side.

Now there’s news that Wichita is about to get two new Orange Leaf frozen yogurt shops, one on the east side and one on the west. Orange Leaf invites customers to fill their bowls themselves from a line of yogurt machines then top their creations themselves from a topping station overflowing with candies, fruits and other sweet things. Customers take their creations to the counter and pay based on weight. The bowl’s, not theirs.

This could be dangerous.

According to the Orange Leaf web site, the shop will offer 15 flavors, including my all-time favorite — peanut butter.

Yes, this could be dangerous.