All-you-can slurp at the Souper Bowl

The annual Souper Bowl event, where participants can slurp up bottomless bowls of soup prepared by local restaurants, is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday at First Presbyterian Church, 525 N. Broadway.

The event, organized by Inter-Faith Ministries as a way to increase hunger awareness, features soup prepared by several local restaurants, including Tanya’s Soup Kitchen,  Copper Oven, Cinnamon’s Deli and more.

Tickets are $15 at the door and include a souvenir soup bowl donated by local pottery students and artists plus all-you-can-eat soup and bread. For more information, call 316-264-9303 or visit

Art while you eat

A very...melony mural adorns a wall at Copper Oven.

A very...melony mural adorns a wall at Copper Oven.

I’ve ingested many a skillet with eggs over-easy while staring, eyebrows furrowed, at the very curious watermelon mural that adorns the back wall of Copper Oven, a delicious and popular eatery at 2409 W. 13th St. What exactly is going on in this eye catching art work? It almost seems as though a father and son are patiently waiting for a crowd of sliced melons to break into dance on the disco floor.

Restaurant owners love decorating with murals, and Wichita has lots of them. Artist Steve Murillo’s colorful murals can be found on the walls at Larkspur, River City Brewery and Caffe Moderne. I’ve always loved the calming blue sky/cloud mural on the ceiling at Abuelo’s. And many Mexican restaurants in town have conquistador murals (of varying quality) to be enjoyed and studied over margaritas.

What’s your favorite Wichita restaurant mural?

*UPDATE* Reader Pat Handley alerted me to the fact that the watermelons in this mural are from “Sandias Con Leyenda: Viva la Vida” a painting by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. He also points out that the man in the painting looks like Diego Rivera, Kahlo’s husband. So much for the melon disco theory…

Wanted: Funky cool breakfast spot

breakfast.jpg 001

Any time I travel and visit a funky cool breakfast spot, as I did this weekend in Kansas City, I always wonder why Wichita does not have such a place.

Don’t get me wrong — I like our breakfast options here. The Beacon’s Traditional is one of my all-time favorite dishes, and I could live on Copper Oven’s skillets and Riverside Cafe’s breakfast burritos.

But many other cities have fun and offbeat little breakfast places that specialize in cool decor and unique dishes, utilizing vegetables, fresh ingredients and out-of-the-box recipes.

Yesterday morning, I visited Succotash in Kansas City — a fun and delicious spot with thrift store light fixtures, white pleather lounge chairs for booths and servers with beehive blonde buns piled hiply atop their heads.  And the food was killer. The above pic is of my breakfast, a banana walnut French toast made with super thick bread and drizzled in caramel sauce, served with a side of scrumptious bacon and two over-easy eggs.

breakfast.jpg 003

My sister, Annie,  had an omelet overflowing with veggies, including thick portabello mushrooms and fresh spinach. The toast was made from a homemade bread, laced ever-so-slightly with a garlic flavoring. She also sampled a bizarre fresh-made-juice, made of blended carrot, celery, cucumber, tomato, parsley, beet, ginger, garlic, spinach and jalapeño. I thought it looked repulsive, but she loved it.

I’ve visited other unique breakfast places on other trips, including Orange in Chicago (home of the Fruity Pebble pancakes) and Aretha Frankenstein’s in Chattanooga (home of the Waffle of Insane Greatness).

I’d love to see something like that pop up here. Hint hint hint.