Brats N Hots will close on Saturday

Brats N Hots, the hot dog-themed restaurant that opened earlier this year at 601 S. Greenwich, will close at the end of business on Saturday.

Owners sent out this e-mail to customers this morning.

Brats N Hots is one of many hot-dog themed restaurants that have opened over the past several years, including And the Wiener Is, Dog House Carryout, Bierocks, Brats N’ BBQ, Relish This, and more. Hot dog restaurant Linkhaus closed earlier this year.

Danke schön for bierocks

Mary Hansen, owner of Bierocks, Brats n' BBQ

Mary Hansen, owner of Bierocks, Brats n' BBQ

Add this to the list of things Wichita should be thankful for this weekend: An influx of bierocks into the metro area.

In this week’s Go! story, I write about the number of restaurants now serving bierocks, the official meat pie of Kansas.

It’ll come out in Friday’s paper, but you can read it today.

First impression review: Bierocks, Brats ‘n BBQ

A Philly cheesesteak, left, a bierock, top right, and homemade chip pieces.

A Philly cheesesteak, left, a bierock, top right, and homemade chip pieces.

I needed lunch to go today, so I decided to swing through the drivethru of the new bierock restaurant — Bierocks, Brats n’ BBQ — that opened last week in at 1225 w. Douglas in Delano and stirred up a lot of interest on this blog.

I’d heard good things, which did not surprise me because owner Mary Hansen makes food each year at the Kansas State Fair, also known as food utopia.

I ordered a brown-bag special, which included a beef-and-cheese bierock, a serving of homemade chips in a bag and a tiny Coke for $5.75.

The bierock was tasty, with a nice homemade crust and a flavorful cabbage-and-meat filling. I wish I had some spicy mustard for dipping, but I couldn’t complain otherwise.

The homemade chips came in a brown paper bag, and by the time I got back to the office, the grease had seeped straight through. They were super salty and super tasty, though they were broken in teeny tiny pieces that were hard to eat, sort of like they’d come from the bottom of the bin.

The Philly was a mess, in a good way. Wrapped up in foil and covered in Cheez Whiz, it had to be eaten with a fork, but I enjoyed every salty bite of the onion/mushroom/pepper/steak pile.

I’ll definitely return to try a brat and some of the other specialties. An added bonus: The restaurant takes credit cards, which its predecessors did not.

Bierocks, Brats n’ BBQ is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sundays.