Bomber Burger tornado report: Not open, but not damaged

Bomber Burger, the popular burger joint at 4860 S. Clifton, has survived its second tornado.

The restaurant itself is fine, reports owner Chris Rickard, though he’s been unable to reopen since Saturday night’s tornado because the building (and the entire Oaklawn neighborhood) is still without electricity and gas service. He’s hopeful he can reopen by Thursday but says Friday is more likely.

Rickard, who rode out the storm at his sister’s house in Derby, tried to drive to the restaurant after the storm to see how the building had fared, but the streets were all closed down. He found out late Saturday that the restaurant was fine, even though he wasn’t able to see it until Sunday afternoon. His bread guy, a longtime friend with a key to the place, was at the restaurant when the tornado hit. He scrambled into the walk-in freezer to ride out the storm. “When it hit, he heard that freight train sound,” Rickard said.

Today, Rickard is driving around town buying dry ice to keep his products chilled. Nearby businesses are in worse shape, he said. Several across the street lost windows, though Bomber Burger’s stayed intact.

Rickard said the building, which has been in his family since 1985, also survived the famous 1991 tornado that passed through Haysville before ravaging Andover. That storm ripped the air conditioner units off the roof and tossed them all the way to K-15.

I’ll check back with Chris later this week and update you on Bomber Burger’s status.