Question of the week: What beer do you order?

Some of the beer pulls at Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria.

My story for this week’s Go! section is about craft beers and the people in Wichita who make and serve them, including River City Brewing Co. in Old Town and Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria on the west side.

This assignment has made me very thirsty for beer, which I plan to consume this weekend, likely at some of the places I’ve written about in my story. I’m also dreaming about a road trip around Kansas to try out the various brew pubs hidden in unexpected places.

My question of the week is inspired by this thirst: When you feel like going out for a beer in Wichita, where do you go, and what specific beer do you most frequently order?

I really liked the seasonal beer on tap at BJ’s Brewhouse – a Belgian beer called Nit-Wit, and I’ll never turn down a Blue Moon on tap.

Let me know your favorite in the comments section below.