Wine and beer lovers: This is for you

Today, I’m launching a new feature on this blog that’s aimed at local fans of wine, beer and spirits.

It’s a new “page” where I’ll track local wine and beer tastings, charity events and more. (Look up there! Just to the left of my menu! Where it says “Wine and beer events.” Now click.)

I’ve started with some listings of events coming up over the next several months, and I’d like to add more features in the near future. A reader has already suggested that I have a section that lists bottle discounts at local restaurants. (Bella Luna, for example, offers half price bottles on Mondays and Wednesdays.)

Take a look and let me know what I’m missing.

Winner, winner, chicken fried steak dinner

Winner, winner, chicken fried steak dinner

Winner, winner, chicken fried steak dinner

Waayyyyyyyy back in December, the Eagle put on its annual holiday open house, and one of the prizes we gave away was the chance to accompany me on a restaurant review.

The winner waaayyyyyyy back in December was Jan Cummins (left), who has very patiently waited for seven months to collect her prize (courteously reminding me every few weeks). She finally did over the lunch hour today.

Jan brought her niece Stacy Schilling along, and the three of us had a fun time chit chatting and sampling the home cooking at a local restaurant.

The two were quite knowledgeable about Wichita restaurants and frequently dine at places such as Kwan Court, Granite City and Bella Luna.

You can find out where Jan, Stacy and I were eating when I publish the review next Friday.

SPEAKING OF WINNERS: Lori from the online team notified the five winners of the Taste of Wichita tickets this afternoon. Thanks to the 354 people who entered.