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Homemade potato chips

My Twitter/foodie friend Seth poses an excellent question:

I can tell you that my absolute favorite house-made chips are house-made at The Anchor. I have to really, really try not to go there over lunch or I will devour a Philly ‘shroom cheesesteak sandwich and a side of the crispy, perfect homemade potato chips.

Bierocks, Brats & BBQ also makes its own.

Who knows of some others??

McRib McMania

McRib tweet-up photography by former McRib virgin Suzanne Tobias.

McRib tweet-up photography by former McRib virgin Suzanne Tobias.

Twitter works for so many practical purposes, including gathering a lot of arterially courageous Wichitans together to feast on the world’s most popular pressed-meat sandwich: The McRib.

For those who don’t know, McRib is the boneless “rib” sandwich that McDonald’s brings back then takes away every so often. Its return is often met with reckless eating abandon by even the most sensible diners.

Today, about 15 Wichitans — including four of my co-workers — gathered at a downtown McDonald’s to celebrate the return of the McRib. (I missed it, opting instead for a more intimate, mushroom-n-bacony lunch at Planet Sub.) But Suzanne brought me back a full report, complete with photos.

Suzanne enjoyed her first full McRib, calling it “saucy.” She also recommends that those who want to try the famous sandwich opt for a deal McDonald’s is offering: Buy a McRib value meal and add a second sandwich for $1. She and biz editor Dan Loving went in on this deal together, added an extra drink for $1 and split the fries.

Co-worker Carrie, whose lovely blond locks are visible in the background of the photo above, wasn’t so impressed.


Interested in more McQuips? Follow the fun here.

Three tweets that made me hungry today






Mmmm. Goober burger.

I’ve noticed I’ve been blogging a lot about The Anchor. This is why, people! How can such things be ignored??


Tasty Tweet o’ the day


This tweet made me laugh.

Hashtag: #ictdining

twitterfeed4The magic web girls here at the Eagle added all sorts of fun features to my new blog, and this one is one of my favorites.

If we Tweeters Tweet something about dining in Wichita and use the hashtag #ictdining, that Tweet will show up on a feed here on this blog. You can see it over on the left.

Try it, and your pretty mug — and your tasty tweet — will appear right here along with mine and Joanna’s.

(No idea what I’m talking about? For shame! Get thee to and sign up for your own Twitter account. Make haste!)



Lots of local restaurants have Twitter accounts. The Eagle, in fact, tries to maintain a Twitter list of them as we find them.

Some perform better than others, in my opinion. The person behind the tweets for Empire restaurants, including Sabor, Uptown Bistro and Oeno, is usually pretty entertaining and offers news on wine dinners, menu changes and the occasional goofy quote. There are also restaurants who join Twitter, tweet a few times, then disappear.

One of my favorite restaurant Tweeters writes the post for The Anchor, and everyday at about 11 a.m., he or she provides a description of the specials of the day, which always make me very, very, very, very hungry. (See above example.)

What other restaurants offer appetizing Tweets?