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Local blogger tracks gluten-free goodness

Dale Huntington, Wichita's king of gluten-freeness.

I love food blogs, especially those created locally.

Dale Huntington, a local food fan who has Celiac’s disease, moved from California to Wichita in 2009 and was a little alarmed to find the local college mascot was a shock of wheat. People with Celiac’s must avoid foods that contain wheat gluten.

He started a blog called “Gluten Free in Wichita” pointing other gluten-free diners to delicious meals he’d discovered, and the blog has become very popular. Dale has found endorsable meals at restaurants ranging from When Pigs Fly Bar-B-Que to Jason’s Deli.

Check out his blog, whether you follow a gluten-free diet or not. It’s full of pretty pictures of food and interesting info that even non-gluten-avoiders can appreciate.

Fishy, Lent-y stragglers

As is apt to happen, when my story outlining places to eat fish and avoid meat during Lent was published in this morning’s paper, helpful readers and restaurateurs helped me remember who I’d forgotten.

One restaurant named by a couple of readers was Just Catfish at 3800 S. Seneca, a place I’ve never tried by have heard many good things about. The callers said that Just Catfish serves not-t0-be-missed Southern fried and Cajun fried catfish as well as great sides and sinful desserts.

Also, Bocco Deli let me know about their Lenten special. The cozy restaurant will offer special veggie sandwiches and soups on Wednesdays and Fridays. One of today’s sandwiches, for example, was a grilled portabello sandwich with roasted red peppers and goat cheese on homemade flat bread.

Vegetarian dining

20070613 Fresh foodA reader named Barbara wrote over the weekend to pose a commonly asked question: Where can vegetarians find the best dishes in Wichita?

Barbara noted that she loves the vegetarian offerings at The Anchor, where juicy portobello sandwiches are on the menu, but she wondered where else she should try.

Following are a few of my suggestions. By all means, chime in if you can think of others.

1. D’Sozo, 1812 S. Seneca: This restaurant isn’t very old and opened in sort of an unexpected area. But it has a trained vegetarian chef preparing very good vegan and vegetarian dishes. When I reviewed it a few months ago, I was impressed with some fresh and fabulous soups and sandwiches, and the chef offers daily specials as well.

2. Zen Vegetarian Cuisine, 3101 N. Rock Road: This vegetarian Asian restaurant does a great job of preparing food that eliminates meat but not flavor. The chef experiments with lots of meat substitutes and fills dishes full of fresh veggies. I’ve heard they updated their menu recently, but I need to investigate.

3.  Maharaja, 3008 W. Central: Indian food is a good choice for vegetarians, and Maharaja offers several exotic uses of the green and leafy-s. The chefs care about vegetarians, so much so that they recently put on a special all-vegetarian dinner.

What am I missing?

Gluten-free dining

pfchangslogo I received an e-mail today from a reader named Deanna, whose young grandson has just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an inherited autoimmune disease in which the lining of the small intestine is damanged from eating gluten and other proteins found in grains. People with that disease must have gluten-free diets, and Deanna was wondering which local restaurants serve gluten-free meals.

She found a few options at Bonefish Grill, and I already knew that P.F. Chang’s had a gluten-free menu. A quick Google search turned up a list of several more restaurants that maintain gluten-free menus. Among them: Chili’s, Carrabba’s, Outback Steakhouse, On The Border and Ted’s Montana Grill.

Hope that helps, Deanna.

*UPDATE* : Thanks to an alert reader, I can add two more names to the gluten-free menu list: Carlos O’Kelly’s and Olive Garden.