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Restaurant review: Jacky Chan Sushi

jacky chan special rollI always get excited about a new sushi restaurant, and Jacky Chan Sushi is no exception.

Former Kwan Court and Sakura sushi maker Binh Tran opened it in April in the former Sit at Thai Express space at 4910 E. Central. It’s an amazingly small restaurant with an amazingly big menu.

Recently, I got a chance to take a tour of the menu and was impressed with what I found. Take a look at my review, which is scheduled to be printed in the Go! section in the morning. The beautiful sushi roll photos are worth the click on their own.

Yo-B a good fit for Old Town Square

yo b interiorFor this week’s Go! section, I reviewed Yo-B Yogurt & Burgers, which is Old Town Square’s newest restaurant.

When I first heard what Nabil Bacha, owner of Cafe Bel Ami, was planning to do with the space that had previously held upscale restaurants Uptown Bistro and Luca Italian Kitchen, I wasn’t sure it would work.

yo b burgers

Check out the cheesy “skirt” on that burger on the left. Yummmmmm.

But when I visited Yo-B, which specializes in self-serve yogurt and inexpensive, tasty burgers, I found a bright, clean space catering to post-movie date nighters, fountain-frolicking families and downtown residents.

My favorite thing about the menu: A baked disc of cheese that Yo-B calls a “skirt” and puts on its skirt burgers. Yum.

Check out my review.

Oh, and by the way, kids love Yo-B.

A big bowl of pink goodness

A big bowl of pink goodness

Review: Who knew a $5 pizza could taste good?

Behold: The $4.99 pepperoni

Behold: The $4.99 pepperoni

My review for Friday’s Go! section is of Cheezies Pizza, a chain that has two franchises in Wichita, both of which belong to  Tracy’s Automotive owner Mike Ryno.

He opened the first one at 3804 W. Maple in 2011 and added a second early this year in a spot at 601 E. First St. The new one is attached to one of his auto shops.

The headline: Although Cheezies is hardly gourmet dining, the $4.99 cheese and pepperoni pizzas it sells are surprisingly good. I anticipate this will become a go-to spot for me when I need to feed large numbers of kids, which is a fairly frequent occurrence in my life.

Anyone else been there? Read my review and tell me what you think.

Firebirds a nice east side addition

leXi3.SlMa.80I hadn’t heard much about Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, the fancy new “casual upscale” restaurant that opened in the Waterfront last fall, and that left me a little concerned.

But I needn’t be. Apparently, I just need more east side friends because they were packed into that place when I finally made it out. I liked Firebirds, and I loved its  rib eye.

Read my review, which was published in today’s Go! section. (And let me know if you’ve been and what you think.)

BONUS: The Go! section had space for two reviews today, so we also have a look at Merle’s Place, the little bar on Seneca that was one of the first places I ever visited in Wichita. It was written by Wichita Eagle Dining Panel member Ashley Watkins.

Restaurant review: Jettys Pizza/ Walkers Bar & Venue

Jettys version of a Philly cheese steak is pretty delicious.

Jettys version of a Philly cheese steak is pretty delicious.

For this week’s Go! section, I reviewed Jetty’s Pizza and Walkers Bar & Venue, a two-in-one business that opened around Christmastime steps from the arena.

As you’ll read in my review, I like this place. It’s what I envisioned five years ago when arena backers were promising that cool bars and restaurants would pop up around the arena if we just built the thing.

Parking is a tiny problem, but otherwise, I approve of this new business. It has good pizza, nice servers and a whole lot of room for watching games.

Read what I had to say and tell me what you think.

This week’s restaurant review: Yolo Grill

A bacon cheese burger and fries from  Yolo Grill.

A bacon cheese burger and fries from Yolo Grill.

My review of Yolo Grill, a new burger place at 803 N. West St., comes out in tomorrow’s Go! section. But you can read it now.

I decided to check out Yolo after receiving several glowing e-mails from readers, raving about the burgers. And they were good — and inexpensive. (Inexpensive is an absolute requirement for Wichitans when it comes to burgers.)

Have you tried it? Let me know what you think.

Freebirds: Review and awesome kids deal

My review of Freebirds, the new build-your-own burrito spot at Central and Hillside, is online today and will be in the paper on Friday.

I liked it, but it’s no Chipotle, in my opinion. Still, Freebirds does have a great deal that parents should know about: Kids 12 and under eat free from the kids menu at Freebirds when they dine in all day on Mondays and Tuesdays with the purchase of an adult entree.

And these aren’t wimpy littie kids meals, either. Little ones can order substantial and tasty quesadillas, chicken or plan, and even can get a little burrito.
Read the review and see if you agree with my take.

Two Friday restaurant reviews

Yummy food from Chiang Mai

This morning’s Wichita Eagle has not one but TWO restaurant reviews for your reading pleasure.

I wrote the one about Garden Grill Cafe, which is vegan chef Miguel Larcher’s new restaurant in the Occidental Building at 300 N. Main.  I’m a steak girl, but I loved this place because I’m also a mushroom and tomato girl.  I can’t wait to go back and have more of the restaurant’s fabulous vegan pizza. I felt downright healthy when I left.

The other is a review of Chiang Mai, a fabulous Thai restaurant at 3141 S. Hillside, has been around for years. It’s one of those “hole-in-the-wall” finds that make foodies happy. This review was written by Wichita Eagle Dining Panel star Philip Warren.

Do yourself a favor and eat at both of these restaurants soon. Do yourself a bigger favor and go after a few days have passed. Restaurants are usually busy the day their reviews are published.

What he said…

I love this Connecticut restaurant reviewer, “Daym Drops,” who has developed a following with his fast food YouTube car-fessionals. In this installment, he finds the words I couldn’t to explain how good Five Guys is. (By the way, the Autotune version of this video is pretty awesome.)

Question of the week: Best food court fare?

Behold the beautiful honey walnut chicken, the specialty at Fusa

This week, I reviewed Fusa, a restaurant now operating on Greenwich that gained a following when it sold its amazing and honey walnut chicken at Towne East Square from 2003 until April of last year.

I never knew about that dish when the restaurant was in the mall, but if I had, it would have been in serious competition with my beloved Cuban sandwich from Metro Grill.

This week’s question: What’s your favorite local food court fare?

I always get hungry in the mall. Metro Grill is reason enough to wade into Towne East, if you ask me. And who can deny the deliciousness of a cinnamon sugar pretzel from Auntie Anne’s?

Let me know what your food court favorites are in the comments section below. (And since Fusa is now set up as its own mini-food court, honey walnut chicken still counts as an answer.)