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Two updates, as promised

Bowman, right, with Tandoc at her restaurant today.

Update No. 1

He said he would, and he did. Today, Richard Bowman and his buddies ended their restaurant quest, during which they lunched at all 48 restaurants local chef Tanya Tandoc recommended in a story we published last year. They ended the project, appropriately, at Tandoc’s new Tanya’s Soup Kitchen. Here’s the picture Richard just sent. I love the worn and highlighted newspaper clipping.

Update No. 2

Heritage Restaurant passed its inspections, owner Michael Choi said, and it’ll reopen tomorrow morning at 6 a.m.

A year and 48 lunches later…

A delicious offering from Manna Wok, 4865 E. Harry.

A year ago, local food fan Richard Bowman read one of my dining stories that reprinted local restaurant owner and foodie extraordinaire Tanya Tandoc’s favorite restaurants and her favorite dishes at each of those restaurants.

Bowman felt like he was stuck in a lunch rut, so he invited a couple of buddies to join him on a quest to eat their way down the list. For the past year, Bowman would get together with his Doug Ballard and Joe Wilson on Fridays and try out one of the places on the list. They’ve now traveled completely through it, and on Friday, they’ll go to Tanya’s Soup Kitchen for their final meal to mark their accomplishment.

Bowman told me that he and his buddies really enjoyed the quest and found several new eateries they would never have tried otherwise. Among his new favorites: Manna Wok at 4865 E. Harry. “I’d driven by that place for years and had just never stopped,” he said.

Bowman and his crew are going to have their picture taken with Tanya on Friday, and he promises to share a copy.

The great burger quest

burgerlistI’ve written several times over the years about local diners who’ve embarked upon eating adventures.

Last year, I wrote about some local architects trying out every barbecue place they could think of. I’ve written about a couple dining their way through the alphabet. And I’ve written about a group of friends determined to try every Mexican joint in town.

Now, my friend and colleague Suzanne Perez Tobias (who’s birthday is TODAY, by the way) has launched a burger quest with her husband, kids and a couple of neighbors. Their mission: Try a new burger spot any time they can all get together and go.


A Big Larry's burger

So far, they’ve tried Bill’s Charcoal Grill at 2957 N. Arkansas, Big Larry’s Burgers at 328 S. Meridian in Valley Center, and West Street Burger at 130 S West St.

Suzanne’s favorite so far was the Big Larry’s burger, which she described as thick and juicy, and she loved that Big Larry also sold fried pickles and okra. As you can see, her list is long, and she may yet find a better burger.

Anyone else out there ever launched a restaurant quest?