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Beyond good service

chilislogo2Usually, when I get an email from a reader, it’s about a terrible, horrible, rotten, no-good restaurant experience they’ve had. But recently, I received one about a group of local restaurant employees who took the time to care about a patron in pain.

The following e-mail came from Angie Caulk:


I wanted to tell this story because it is beyond customer service, especially these days. I went into Chili’s at Rock and Central, I was crying because I just lost my brother and I was having a sad day.  A waitress came over and brought me tissues while I was waiting .

My sister-in-law and nephew and I sat down and I explained to the waitress why I was crying and told her it was OK for her to approach the table at anytime. After about 20 minutes the manager DeAndre and all the staff came to my table and they had gone to Dillion’s behind the restaurant, bought me flowers and a card and they all signed it.

The manager told me how sorry they all were and that they too had gone through these tragedies and understood my pain.  I have only been in that restaurant a few times, so it is not like they knew me.  I was SHOCKED.. and just felt that God sent them to me. I could not believe they did that.  It was the kindest thing that has ever happened to me. I will for sure go back in the restaurant many more times.

The Caulk family thanks them so very much. This is just what the world needs, kindness!