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Knolla’s creating a Wichita-style pizza

They’re calling it the “Wichita-Style Pizza Movement.”

Local pizza restaurant Knolla’s is launching an online event that it hopes will result in the invention of a signature pizza style for Wichita. Why should New York and Chicago be the only cities to have their own?

Knolla’s is asking Wichitans to take an online survey, which allows them to build their dream pizza — choosing shape, sauce, toppings, etc.
Next month, the survey results will be tallied, and Knolla’s will create a signature Wichita pizza.

Then, from 3 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, July 27, the Knolla’s at 7732 E. Central will put on a launch event during which the first 100 people there will get a commemorative T-shirt. Everyone who attends will get a sample of the winning pizza combination.

After that, the Wichita-style pizza will likely be a special on the menu, and if it’s popular, it could be added permanently.

One of the shapes voters can choose in the survey is Kansas-shaped. I think I know how I’ll be voting.

Hopperoni Express has hit the road

The new Hopperoni Express food trailer has a wood-fired oven inside to bake pizzas on the spot.

Wichita Brewing Company & Pizzeria’s food trailer – the Hopperoni Express — went out for some test runs earlier this week and will return to the streets on Saturday.

The trailer is fitted with a full-sized wood-fired pizza oven and will park at various places, seven days a week, serving 1o-inch pizzas.  For the first few weeks, the truck’s manager — former kitchen manager Stephen Zinda — plans to take the trailer out once a day, either at lunch or dinner time. The location will be posted on the Hopperoni Express Facebook page. Eventually, he plans to have it out for both lunch and dinner daily.

For now, the trailer is offering two of Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria’s best-known speciality pizzas: the Around the Horn, which is a supreme pizza, and the Gregorian Feast, topped with Italian sausage, roasted garlic, mushrooms, caramelized onions, mozzarella and red sauce. Patrons also can order single topping pizzas with items such as sausage, cheese, pepperoni or the restaurant’s signature hopperoni : pepeproni infused with hops.

The pizzas are $6 for a single topping or $8 for a specialty.

On Monday, the truck will be parked from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot of Brittany Center at 21st and Woodlawn. The following days’ schedules will be on the Facebook page soon.

Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria is at 8815 W 13th St. For more information about both businesses, call 316-440-2885.

Pizza food truck will join the Wichita fleet

The Nestleroads: Dough rollers.

Another food truck will hit the Wichita streets — this one serving wood-fired pizzas.

Joseph and Cherre Nestelroad plan to open The Rolling Dough within the next six to 12 months, Joseph said.

He’ll be the dough maker, she’ll be the cook, and they’re now searching for a truck that will accommodate a wood-fired oven.

“I just felt like we needed more variety in the food truck scene,” Nestelroad said.

The Nestelroads specialize in “fusion” style pizza, he said, and they like to play around with recipes that mix pizza and comfort food. A recipe for chicken enchilada pizza is among those they’re most excited about.

The pair have held a vareity of jobs of the years. At the moment, Joseph works for an engineering firm — until the truck gets rolling.

Watch this blog for updates.

Picasso’s: First birthday, new sign, free Chicken Poop

FINALLY! A sign. I’d say it was worth the wait.

Seems like just yesterday I was stalking the space at 621 W. Douglas, trying to get someone, ANYONE, to tell me about the pizza place that was under construction.

But that was an entire year ago, and now, I can’t imagine a life without Picasso’s Pizzeria in it.

The restaurant, which makes giant and fabulous slices with heavenly crust and magic sauce, turned 1 on March 5.

Picasso’s is celebrating now, with the addition of a new sign (previously, you had to rely on all five senses to locate the business along west Douglas). And on Monday, owner Kurt Schmidt — whose sister-in-law is Chicken Poop founder Jamie Tabor Schmidt — will distribute free tubes of Chicken Poop with each slice purchased, while supplies last.

Race you there.

For more information, call 3160-267-5423.

Old Chicago restaurants in Wichita being remodeled, rebranded

Old Chicago restaurants across the country are getting a makeover, and Wichita’s three locations are next.

Remodeling already has started at the local Old Chicago restaurants — which are at 300 N. Mead in Old Town, at 7700 E. Kellogg,  and at 2240 N. Tyler — and will be done in a couple of weeks.

When complete, each of the three restaurants will have a new, modern look and outdoor signage. The restaurants even will have new names — sort of. Instead of Old Chicago Pasta & Pizza the restaurants now will be known as Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom.

It’ll be high-tech, with digital screens showing when various beers were tapped and who in the restaurant is checked in on FourSquare.

The “rebranding” is intended to freshen up the look and approach of the restaurant chain, which started in 1976 and now has 96 locations in 22 states. Everything from the utensils to the plating of the food to the vintage decor on the walls, says “modern brewery” rather than “classic sports bar.”

The new Tavern thin crust pizza at Old Chicago

So far, the chain has launched the new look in three of its restaurants: two in Colorado and one in Minnesota. Topeka and Kansas City stores also are getting the new look.

Several new menu  have already been added to coincide with the new look, including panini sandwiches, new calzones and salads and “Tavern” thin crust pizzas.

The Old Town location will be ready to go on March 11, followed by the west-side restaurant on March 12 and the east-side on March 13.

South Seneca Pizza Hut crossing the street

The Pizza Hut at 2417 S. Seneca closed about two weeks ago after its lease expired and owners decided not to reup.

But that Pizza Hut is going to reopen on Monday right across the street in the space at 2452 S. Seneca recently vacated by Blockbuster Video.

The Pizza Hut is one of the smaller stores that’s mainly focuses on carryout and delivery but also has a few tables for dine-in customers.

Those who call the South Seneca store (316-265-6565) before Monday will be automatically redirected to the Delano store at 700 W. Douglas.

An update on Angelo’s planned reopening

Jack Fasciano with one of his amazing pizza

Several readers have written me lately to ask about the progress on the reopening of Angelo’s, the onetime popular Italian restaurant that closed in 2006

In June, Jack Fasciano, son of the restaurants founders, revealed that his daughter, Gina Fasciano-Hogan, planned to reopen the business in the former Barrier’s building at Douglas and Oliver in College Hill.

I called Gina this week for an update, and… there really isn’t one, she said.

The plans are still in the works, she said, and it still looks like they’ll get the Barrier’s building. Nothing has been signed yet, though, and Fasciano-Hogan said the process has all taken much longer than she thought it would.

I’ll update you when there are developments.

Also, I hesitate to share this with you out of fear you will die of envy, but a couple of months ago, I was able to talk Jack Fasciano out of one of the Angelo’s pizzas he now makes at home for friends. I shared it with co-workers, and it was just as good as we remember.

The secret, I think, is the homemade sausage that comes raw on the frozen pizza. As the pie cooks, the sausage juices absorb into the crust, and the results…. Mama Mia!

Two restaurants contribute to Colo. victim

Two local restaurants are offering 10 percent of their proceeds on Tuesday and Wednesday to the family of one of the victims of the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting last month.

Wichita’s Papa John’s and and Genghis Grills will make the donation to the family of Jonathan Blunk, whose mother, Dawna Nygaard, lives in Andover. Blunk was one of 12 people killed.

Diners can participate by eating at the restaurants on Tuesday and Wednesday. Those who order pizza online at should enter the promo code “Jonathan.”

Wichita has several Papa John’s locations. The city’s Genghis Grill restaurants are at 111 S. Rock Road and 8448 W. Central.

Picasso’s oven trouble cancels lunch

UPDATE: Picasso’s will reopen at 5 p.m. today. The oven problem is nearly fixed.



APPARENTLY, Picasso’s Pizzeria was so crushed with business after my positive review that they cooked their oven to death.

Okay, that’s probably not what really happened. But nonetheless, Picasso’s pizza oven has malfunctioned, and the owners are frantically trying to get it fixed. The restaurant closed early on Sunday and won’t be able to open for lunch today. Owners are optimistic they’ll be up and running by dinner time, though.

I’ll let you know what I hear.

Question of the week: Best non-delivery pizza?

My people and me at Picasso's last weekend. Can't get enough of that place.

I reviewed Ziggy’s a few weeks ago, and I’ve got the scoop on Picasso’s slices today. I have PIZZA ON THE BRAIN.

We’ve had a nice influx of new pizza places lately in Wichita, which inspires today’s question. What’s your favorite non-delivery (read, besides Pizza Hut and Papa John’s) pizza in town?

My list is too long to print, but I love both the new ones.

Add your vote in the comments section below.