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Restaurant comings and goings and etc.

Leave town for a week and the whole restaurant scene goes nuts. Carrie was very busy last week reporting all sorts of restaurant shenanigans. Here’s a quick roundup for you:

Uptown Bistro is closing on Saturday. This makes me sad because it was once made a killer steak frites, and the space is so pretty. Maybe something else fabulous will fill that space someday.

Burger Barn is for sale, as is evidenced by the sign posted in front of the restaurant. Owners have some family health problems to attend to.

Linkhaus is making some changes, the most notable of which is that it plans to move to a more affordable strip center location. In the meantime, it’s lowering prices starting on Saturday.

A new Little Caesars is coming to 35th and Woodlawn.

Everybody’s Family Restaurant, owned by Fat Ernie and Co., has just opened in the former Brownstone Grill space at 3105 E. Harry.

Whew. Now I’m hungry.

Coming soon: Fat Tony’s

The sign went up a few weeks ago promising Fat Tony’s Pizza in the former Marple Theatre building at 417 E. Douglas, and I’ve been curious ever since.

So today, I laced up my walking shoes, trekked the four blocks west and banged on the papered-over doors.

Inside I found a large group of people working on the new restaurant and sports bar, which should open around Jan. 15. Owned by Bryan Shapiro (who also has Doc Howard’s in Old Town), Fat Tony’s will be a sports-oriented restaurant and bar that will have a full menu but will focus on New York-style pizza. It’ll be open from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays and from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

The manager was pretty mysterious about other details, but I’ll check back soon.

The wait is almost over. (Probably)

Wasabi, a sushi restaurant that has been in the works forever at 912 E. Douglas, should open this month.

Wasabi, a sushi restaurant that has been in the works forever at 912 E. Douglas, should open this month.

Back in January, I reported that Wasabi, a sushi restaurant planned by Steve Young at 912 E. Douglas, would open “after the first of the year.” That reporting was technically correct, even though it’s now SIX MONTHS after the first of the year.

I’ve been in touch with Steve every couple of weeks since January, and he keeps saying “soon, soon, soon!” He’s faced several delays, but I now believe him that Wasabi really will be open soon, as in July. I just walked across the street to peek in the windows and the place looks ready to go, complete with green booths, palm plants and a nice looking sushi bar. (As I took the above photo, two groups of people stopped me to ask, “Is that place EVER going to open?”)

Steve said he’d call me this week with a firm opening date. He’s going to serve sushi and other Japanese food daily at both lunch and dinner.